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Least reliable gun?

That gun that you babied and took care of but no matter what you did there was always something wrong with it?
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I see an agglet and I want to paint it black...
...or yellow, orange, green; whatever the field paint is that day.
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That would be my Stingray II thing was horrid, poor chrono, constant barrel breaks (had a 'aftermarket' barrel on it to boot) the plastic felt cheap and had tons of flashing.
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i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.
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My Stingray actually took pretty good care of me when I took care of it.

My 98 Autococker was a constant pain in the ***, and only about half the time was it my fault.

Same goes for my Superbolt Sniper, though the two of us have finally come to an understanding.

My Ultralite SLG probably takes the cake though. I worked through several major manufacturing flaws and design miscalculations and in the end I just couldn't trust the thing to behave itself.
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Too many. I have sold off all of them to loving homes. The one that I kept the longest while it still misbehaved was an automag, believe it or not.
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t68 gen 6
and then gen 7 upgrade parts...still didnt work right
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Bone stock Tribal Mephisto... Velocity fluctuation made it almost unusable, never mind the fact that it often would stop working entirely.
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Mini was by far the worst gun I have ever owned the 1 sft shocker I had was a close second both were very inconsistent and broke at least 5 balls every pod sold them both got egos never had a problem
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Reliability can be odd. My old Stingray would shoot great, all the time, heck players were afraid of the damn thing (it's nickname at the field was The Stingray from Hell), but only for me. I'd let someone else borrow it and it would come back somehow broken.

Though the most jarring example was one very particular Piranha. It worked flawlessly in the shop, and nowhere else. Guy drops it off, saying it won't work reliably. I'm helping out at the shop so I go to fix it. I give it a quick strip and clean (standard procedure), throw on a hopper and HPA tank and it fires great. Recocks good and strong, chrono's 280-290. I call him up and say his gun is ready. He picks it up. He calls back in an hour, gun won't work reliably, won't recock. We tell him to bring it back, and to bring his hopper and air tank thinking they might be the problem. He waits while we take it in back. We screw on his tank, throw on his hopper, even use his paint. Gun shoots just fine. We fire just air, still recocking like a champ. We bring it out to him and show him it's firing great, heck we shoot air a couple hundred times out by the counter. He thanks us and heads to his car. He walks back 3 minutes later. He tried it again while in his car and BRAPPPPP. Back into the shop, PAK PAK PAK. I'm confused. I stand by the back door of the shop. In the shop, PAK PAK PAK. One step outside of the shop, BRAPPPP. In the shop, PAK PAK. Outside, BRAPPPP.

I still have no idea why that gun did that.
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68 Special - never got it to work right.
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My ion, after I got back into paint ball after a 5 yr hiatus it just wouldn't settle down and after a long day at the field messing with it all day then finally just playing with a leak, I parted it out and made almost all the money back I spent trying to get it to run. Loved it the first time I hated it the second time.
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