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Craigslist and Paintball- My friday afternoon rant.

Sorry about my rant but my day thus far as led to this mood. So like the majority of you, i was combing craigslist for paintball stuff. Finally i stumble on a pile of stuff i actually consider buying. And there is an iphone app that allows you to search several cities and once and I see that they have spammed the entirety of the wonderful fascist state of california with their ad. So what the hell i'll give them a call. They are in LA, im outside of the bay area. and talking to them i tell them that i'd love to buy their stuff from them and ask them if they would be willing to ship it up here and i they tell me that "No, I don't ever do it, no exceptions".......Seriously..... you spam the whole state, a state that takes 15 hours to drive from one end to the other. And your telling me that you don't ship....And i gracious thank them and hang up. But what i REALLY want to say is "Why the hell do you subject us all to your stupidity by posting this everywhere?! Yeah like anyone could ever or would ever justify driving to you from ANY of these cities for your clapped out pile of Tippmann Model 98's and old camo shirts. I mean WTF!!!? I mean maybe its just me and i've had a long day and have been listening to too much Adam Corolla but this seems truly asinine.
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welcome to the wonderful world of online free classifieds. I get stuff like this all the time on my local CL/Kijiji sites. I live in the Niagara area of Canada close to Niagara falls yet people think their deal is so good that I'd drive all the way up to the GTA (a 2+ hour round trip depending on traffic) to buy their stuff. Honestly why the ^&*! do people post a $120 or $250 laptop and then say oh btw I'm posting this in the Niagara area Kijiji but I'm in the GTA so drive 2+ hours for a deal that's not even that good. I mean WTF!. I guess it's wizard's first rule...People are STUPID!

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People suck. It's not limited to paintball or craigslist.

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Originally Posted by maggot View Post
People suck. It's not limited to paintball or craigslist.
Hear hear! Truer words never said! Im expanding my iracity to dealing with traffic in the bay area.
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So when they tell you they won't ship, start the conversation of driving distance/time. If they still don't get it, just tell them they are a fool and be done.

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Originally Posted by maggot View Post
People suck. It's not limited to paintball or craigslist.
You should try the W4M.....

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Lol or missed connections
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I got a Tippmann Tipx this week for $130 with 4 mags, holster, and a bunch of co2's, looks brand new. No wear at all, and he threw in some A-5 stuff with it...

Craigslist can be a hassle, but it can also be really great.
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I think it goes both ways. I have had people willingly drive 1 1/2 hours to buy stuff from me just because they knew I wasn't selling crap, and I would give them a 30 minute rundown on whatever they were buying. I have also had people that would want me to drive 2 1/2 hours to drop something off (which I didn't do.) Every person I have contacted about shipping through kijiji says no, except for one guy from Markham I traded with, but I had to ship first. Do any other Canadian users notice that no one in Canada uses Craigslist?
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