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KB #19 D-Day @ Stråssa Mining Facility

This weekend us Swedes had the first edition of D-Day scenario event.

The Batalj Brothers went all in this time and built Omaha Beach for us.

Pyrotechnics in the ground, Speakers with engine and wave/water sound in the LCVPs. The feeling was awesome.


And I just had to dress up for this, After all we are at the Beach
And I hang around this site to much so must wear the Hawaiian

All alone...
Pictures by David Gribing and Bullitproof Monkey
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Originally Posted by volunteer paintball View Post
If you are taking trades I'll trade you a used PK5 and a Swedishly used Waylost (this one's pretty rare)

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What a cool place to play!
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Wow, that is an awesome remake of the beach. Would've sent shivers down my spine running up it.
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tres bon
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Gött mos ;-)
Hope to see lots of photos since I'm working :-(
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Originally Posted by funsi00 View Post
What a cool place to play!
It´s truly one of the coolest sites in Sweden!

Stråssa is an abandonded mining facility built in the early 60´s, which closed down in -´83.

Pics here:3.Stråssa mine.27.03.10. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Playing in Stråssa is a lot like being part of a first person-shooter, the Batalj-brothers even hire "actors" for playing zombies.
Once a year they arrange the huge "Wastelands"-scenario, with different fractions fighting, and in the shadows


It´s quite scary walking around in these dark, dampy buildings knowing a zombie hord possibly heading your way...


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