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over 9000
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Originally Posted by lechooch View Post
over 9000
And that's on the days he diddn't show up!

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Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
And that's on the days he diddn't show up!
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One of my highest kill streaks was an epic one. I was using a pgp for the first time, and it was shooting 240fps. I was playing at Conquest in Socal when it was there. I knew the fields very well, and off break one game, I ran my (then younger) *** off to their side of the field. I then turned around and faced my team.

I was really far, and when the first guy on their team came around the bend, I ducked down as if people were shooting at me (though my team knew I was there), and yelled to him "HELP me man! They are coming around. Come here and shoot from the other side!" At this time, I'm pumping my first shot into the PGP. He come running over and POP, 1 into the gut. He was PISSED, but I showed him my clearly displayed arm band (which no one ever noticed, haha), and the ref (who was right there) told him to get out.

Another guy comes around the bend. "HELP! They are coming around!" Same old shtick. And by golly if it didn't work a second time. POP, right in the gut.

I sat at that little bunker and took out 14 players with that little 240fps PGP. Some players were FUMING and wanting to fight, but the ref saw everything and called it fair and backed me up. It was amazing. I practically got the whole team.

I think I was 16 at the time.
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Highest kill streak in a single game was 17, but it was a 54 hour continuous scenario game so I had plenty of time to do it! The most I got on one insert during said game was 5, 2 players tried to enter the building I was in and were shot in the doorway, 3 were shot in the back of the head as they made their way up the building flash banging each room.
They just forgot to check upstairs..
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First Strike Scenario, it was Return of Master Chief and the enemy had lost the airball field. I was shooting my shocker, killed 8 guys as they filtered into the airball field from the wood line, ran out of air and picked up my teammates Axe that he was toting with a Havoc. I went through 4 pods and shot another 25ish people that tried to make a push with a tank. This was all a time span of about 3 minutes.

8 + 25 = 33ish
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At a scenario game once, I took out about 20 players by handing the ref a yellow piece of cardstock that said Anti-Aircraft on it when he was "helicopter inserting" a massive group of opposing players into our back end. But that feels kind of cheap as far as elimination streaks in this thread goes.
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I had 4 in a 4on 4 last weekend. Not my highest streak, but 100% is a pretty good. Especially since it was my second time at the field and I was playing against four regulars on a team shooting first strikes

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