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We were playing on a hill side with a fresh fallen rock maple in one corner. The top of the tree was down hill and perfect cover as you could shoot out of it but couldn't see anyone hiding in it.

3 on 2 with my team up one. I know they are down there some place and I know my team mates are posted up on that tree looking for movement. I look down at the trunk of the tree and think to myself why the hell not, we need to find them somehow. I get up and start skipping down the hill yelling "I'm Frolicking!" as loud and obnoxious as I can figuring someone will shoot at me and give away their position. Everyone must have been dumbfounded because I made it to the tree without getting shot at once.

Of course then I was in a horrible position and they took me out in fairly short order. But my team figured out where they were and we walked away with a great story.
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Yeeeeeears ago (when I first started playing) I was trying to be sneaky and do a run along the edge of the field to flank someone. We played on an old farm and I had run from the woods into an open field and was running back into the woods when at the last second I saw a strand of barbed wire and tried to jump over it. It caught my toe and rolled me.

Well the flanking maneuver ended up being a defensive maneuver as I was trying to shoot at the guys that I was trying to flank while at the same time getting that *&^%$*&^ wire off my boot!

Thankfully my team mate used my distraction to run up and get them out.

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I have some fairly spectacularly stories about boneheaded plays. Apparently I make a lot of them. In fairness my role on my team was to do the unplanned though this may have been a result of me not remembering the plan.

One day I broke to the right side. I realized that my movement forward was going to be hampered by the fact the other team knew where I had gone and I was both overweight and slow. So I decided to move towards the center of the field to try to find some other plan. So I turn inside and hussle. Meanwhile this is, apparently, one of the mid-players secondary bunker. To clear things up this particular mid-player looks like a defensive lineman. We slide into this bunker on wet grass and both manage to hit it pretty much together. The bunker comes loose and starts rolling. We are on our knees trying to stay close to this now moving bunker and shoot at the same time.

The refs meanwhile are reacting. They are yelling warnings about bunker manipulation and moving in front of the bunker. They begin rolling it backwards. Its far harder to crawl backwards than forwards.

I don't even recall the outcome of the game.
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both my girlfriend and my best friend have run to a bunker or fence just to have it fall down. somehow, both managed to not get hit, lol.

i have made too many stupid moves to count. as well as a few good moves that turned stupid during the course of events, lol.

my favorite has to be dueling during a fire fight in a scenario game. i had my trilogy tactical with a 6" barrel and folding stock, so it was pretty compact. i had been snapping agains a guy about 50' away, across a large area of open field. i finally just stepped out from my bunker, held the marker out straight, posed and fired a single shot. he proceded to do the same thing. i want to say it went on for about 15 rounds before someone off to the side lit me up. the ref and people behind the net were laughing. people talked about it for a while at the field. that was fun though.
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We were playing a game that started as maybe 20 on 20, but there was a single respawn that I had forgotten about. I came around to finish off the remaining one or two, but was confronted with 6. I got lucky with 3 bounces to the gut, and I ended up taking all 6 and a 7th surrender. Got 14 total that game and got most of it on video (forgot to turn my camera on until like halfway through).
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I was playing capture the flag once, about 30 on each team with a flag in the middle. Right at the horn I ran to the middle and grabbed the flag, then quick rolled into a ditch while the fearsome fire of 30 renter equivalent players saturated every standing blade of grass around me. I waited five or six seconds, then ran a zig zag back to my side and won the game in about 40 seconds. The previous game was the exact same format, but took 16 minutes to complete.
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Playing outlaw with some friends, I tried to pull a flanking attack by running across an clearing about 30 yards wide to a bunker containing the other team, but turned out the clearing was less clear, and more bog. I ended up stuck to my thighs in muck in the wide open. The sounds of a firefight eventually drew the rest of my team while the guys in the bunker had their attention on me.
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Back in late 90's,

I was playing at Adventure Games in NH, and me and my friend made it up to Castle Anthrax's front gate (a special feat in those days as this is a mostly impenetrable castle with 2-3 story towers, few entrances, etc.).

Capture the flag was the name of the game, that flag hanging 20 feet past the front gate. I took my friends M98 and he ran for the flag, while I came around the corner with both my Spyder SE and his M98 a blazin!

Unloading everything keeping 4 guys down, I see my buddy grab the flag and keep running through the castle!

Only problem, there was no exit that way!!!

I stood there unloading those markers all 'I'll be back' Ahh'nold style in the open even getting a few eliminations...

And then I see my buddy turn a corner running back toward me, a crazy panicked look upon his face!

15 feet behind him were a small group of enemy players giving chase, as they couldn't get a clear shot yet...

When they turned the corner, they did a 'scooby-doo screech' as they saw me, already unloading paint on them!

My buddy ran out to the road another 50 feet, and we won that game...

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Early 2000s, on a muddy outdoor hyperball field. The game started and everyone opened up and sprinted to their bunkers. I took two steps in place and face planted into the mud. I crawled on hands and knees to one of the right side bunkers as paint flew at me. I popped up ready to shoot only to realize that my hopper had come off in the initial fall at the break.

I dove back to the start line, more paint coming at me, slid in the mud again, grabbed the hopper and scrambled back to the bunker, still under fire. I crammed it onto my gun and joined the game, miraculously, not having been shot in all three dashes (using the term "dash" loosely) across the open.
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