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On Patrol...

So we have a skunk in the neighborhood... and my gf doesn't like to take the dog out to the backyard for fear the skunk would stink up her dog...

I went on watch with my TPX for 2 nights a few weeks ago, saw him, and shot him at least 5 out of the 7 shots in the magazine...

And he hasn't been seen in our yard since!

However, my neighbor just informed me that the skunk was spotted in her yard last night...

And I have her blessings for the 'Paintball Patrol'!

So here I sit on the porch, with my TPX + Zetamag and Flashlight ready defend the neighborhood from animal scallywags, ruffians, and other ne'er-do-wells.

Wish me luck!
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I hope you stocked up on tomato juice (just in case, of course). Happy hunting!
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there's a skunk in my neighborhood too, but it avoids people so it's not a problem.
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And people want to tell me that it's mean to use paintballs as pest control. pfff. Good on ya! It's not like we're killing anything.
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It could definitely break bones, or permanent damage. If anything, shoot next to it, I am sure it will get the message.
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Originally Posted by Kmak View Post
It could definitely break bones, or permanent damage. If anything, shoot next to it, I am sure it will get the message.
not this...

feel free to shoot it, those little b*stards can be aggressive. I've had one charge me while I was riding my bike one night. We were 20 feet apart and it ran at me and got ready to spray. They don't really have any natural predators (except cars) and it's time to put them in their place.
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I can see this ending bad so many ways
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I foresee this thread getting locked rather quickly
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Originally Posted by KungFuHampster11 View Post
I foresee this thread getting locked rather quickly
I foresee the original poster getting arrested for brandishing a marker/borderline realistic pistol and possible fines for animal cruelty. Noise complaints are possible as well.

Don't give paintballers a bad name. Keep your markers away from animals and in the fields.
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