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Helmetcam Mounts - Show 'em off

Every now and then a thread pops up, 'how do you guys mount camera X on mask Y?' or 'look how I mounted camera X on mount Y!'

Well put 'em all in one place. How do people run their helmetcams? Remember, pictures tell a thousand words.
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I mounted my GoPro directly above the lens on my E-Vents. I just made a C-shaped piece of aluminum and JB-Welded a GoPro mount to it. Drilled 2 holes into the aluminum piece and used two small nuts and bolts to secure it to the mask.
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What I used to use on my Profilers for my Contour.

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I use a Tachyon OPS HD attached to the strap using 3M Dual-Lock fastener strips.
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Originally Posted by Diomedes View Post
Every now and then a thread pops up, 'how do you guys mount camera X on mask Y?' or 'look how I mounted camera X on mount Y!'

Well put 'em all in one place. How do people run their helmetcams? Remember, pictures tell a thousand words.
I think you should amend your first post to request that they specify which axes their cameras are adjustable on, as this is sometimes not apparent to neither the reader or the operator himself.
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Contour Roam on Events. Would also work with E-Flex, Vents, Helix, Cylus.

I glued the mounting rail that came with the camera to a spare lens clip as shown. When mounted, camera is fixed, pointing straight ahead with my line of sight.
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I use a JT Flex 8 full helmet, which removes the weight of the camera off your nose, and puts it on the top of your head so you don't even notice it being on your mask. I also drilled a small hole on each side of the top of the helmet so I can run a little ziptie that keeps it from bouncing when I am running. I use a Contour Roam, at 170 degree wide angle with the lens turned 90 degrees so I can run it sideways. The furnished Contour mount centered on my visor, and then the actual lens will be just inside my left eye. So it gives you a perspective like this when playing.

(actually, this is zoomed in some so you can see the guy getting hit, the field of view is wider when used at full size).

I tried the left and right sides but I was always missing stuff when I was behind trees/bunkers... Nothing worse than getting a good kill streak only to get home and see TREE instead of all your hits...

Here is what it looks like mounted

I used to use tape on the back, but a ziptie is so much easier... And you just slide it off after the game, and use the same one over and over.

But, regardless what action cam you use, NONE of them work well past about 30 feet. If you get lucky and have perfect lighting sometimes you can see your kills at 50 feet... Or if the guy is on a ridge with nothing behind him, you might see him raise his hand at 100 feet. But to SEE the hits, you have to have zoom. And a TON of zoom... Which means image stabilization is critical. I made a video on this subject that will answer a lot of questions newbies have when getting into filming paintball first person style...

link for mobile
How to Film First Person Shooter Paintball Airsoft Hunting Contour ZoomCam - YouTube
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Here is my setup

R7 Replay 720

Side view

Front Profile

Very unobtrusive mount...

The trick is to get the right angle...i've had some good, and some bad ones...being as i've only had the camera just over 1 month, i think i've fairly sure as to where to have it point finally.
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Curious if anyone runs a GoPro?
Have one but have never tried to mount it to the mask.
Any ideas?
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I think the best way to mount the go pro is using a headstrap and place it right above the visor. It doesn't add much to your profile. I however, haven't mounted mine in that way yet.
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