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Some that I've seen at some of the senarios I goto in Georgia...

First is a friend of mine from the 4th Georgia team, a couple years ago.. for the final battle got ahold of a pink tutu, and took the field in it.. team flag for a cape.. hilarity insued Pink Tutu

Next is a teammate of his, Frogger, the next year, donned a Orange Mumu We called it the Uni-boob

Then theres the Cobra Role Players from the GiJoe game we did last november - I'm the one in the destro costume in the middle

This past February, my team decided for the Final battle of the Deadwood Game (hey.. cowboy outfits are easy to do) we took the field as the VIllage people.. with YMCA playing.. I took many a hit just getting the cd player to the Middle Tower Unfortunately I don'thave any good pics of that one.

A teammate of mine also wears a kilt from time to time.. AND a 35lb brass replica Roman Soldier Helmet Helmet

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another pic from ION 06

myself and our team's resident dinosaur

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ill gats pwn nubs n give mE pwners?
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