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Paintball game objective idea

I am helping to organize an upcoming magfed game and am looking for interesting game objectives beyond simple variations on capture the flag. One that I've recently been kicking around is a hostage game, but I'd like to see if any of yall have any recommendations on the game format.

The game will be 10 mins long and played in an urban warfare field (lots if small buildings in relatively close proximity). For this game, each team will select 2-3 players who will serve as hostages for the opposition team. They have no markers for the game and are worth 100 points each for whomever possesses them at the end of the game. Killing a hostage is worth negative points (in the event if a crazy firefight where the shooter is unclear, no negatives will be awarded). The red hostages will start with the blue team and visa versa. Playwise, they will be essentially living flags. Players will tag them and they will follow.

However, I am considering allowing them to try and escape as well. I am just unsure how the escape dynamic should operate. It has to retain the ability to reasonably move a hostage and stop them from just running off, while still allowing unattended hostages to make a run for it. I am thinking that a potential escapee must display a flag of some sort to signify his/her intentions. If a player tags them within 30 seconds or so, they have to stay put. Otherwise they are free to run.

What are your thoughts?
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Back when I played outlaw ball we tried hostage games a few times, and they were never much fun especially for the hostages. For the non-hostage players it feels almost exactly like capture the flag, and for the hostage players its just dull, as you're never really doing anything. After the first few attempts we really only did it when someones gun went down and no one had another to loan.

Two fun games we did play that are somewhat similar were "pilot rescue" and "rogue"

For pilot you split Team A into two group. One group, the pilots, is put in a defensible location on one side of the field, which they cannot leave. The second group, the rescue party, goes to the other side of the field and has to get to the pilots. Team B is put in the middle of the field and has to eliminate all the pilots while stopping the rescue party. Team B wins if all the pilots are eliminated. Team A wins if a rescue party member reaches the pilots, or for added fun once the rescuers reach the pilots the pilots are free to go where they want and a certain number has to make it back to team As other base.

For Rogue you have two even teams and a third small team who are the rogues. The rogues start in the middle of the field and are fighting both teams. When hit they take a knee and put their gun in the air. Players from the main teams then try to get to the downed rogue and tag him. Once tagged the rough joins that team. If hit again the rogues takes a knee again and waits to be tagged joining whichever team gets to him first. The team with the most rogues at the end of the time limit wins. The rogues win if they have any free players at the end, though this is really rare.
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I have a game idea I plan to try out this weekend. I will let you know how it goes.

Aussie peelback.

You will need teams of two. Or more I guess but keep them small.

Team A starts at one end of the field. Long and skinny is best.
Team B starts very close to team A...20ft or so.
Both teams start with cover.

The objective for team A is to eliminate Team B before they retreat to a designated point farther down the field. 10 points per player eliminated.
Team Bs objective is to retreat to that designated point without getting hit. 10 points per player who makes it.

2 min time limit.
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I always thought that the "Football" game was one of the best.
Flag at the 50, either team's objective is to capture the flag, and return it to the opponent's starting point.

Always good firefights at the 50, and on the return.
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At a local pump scenario we played a King of the Hill variant. There were two boxes, on each box there was a red button and a blue button. The objective was to reach the box and hold down your color button for as long as it took you to get shot. The boxes would record the data and it was checked when the time limit is reached (you can also do a respawn restricted version instead of timed). On bigger fields, just use more boxes. The boxes are pretty easy to make, I can try to find some plans online.

Edit: If you want to do a hostage game type, use refs for the hostages.

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An old briefcase or laptop can make a capture the flag game more interesting. I know some place out there is plans for a make shift bomb that requires diffusing made from Radio Shack parts.
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Everybody starts with one mag, and other mags are scattered around the field.
No idea how it would play out, just popped into my head right now.
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