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I'm there as well. I've settled down into the guns I like to play with, so perusing the BST doesn't interest me, and neither does Extravaganza or Cup, because I just don't care about what's new. It won't work amazingly better or worse than what I've got now, so I'm not worried about it. I'm still tinkering with a few old projects, but other than that, I'm good.

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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Well, for me, I think I've hit the end of paintball guns...

I never thought I'd say it.

But suddenly, new/old/unique guns just don't interest me. I've shot probably 70+ different markers over the years, and now I'm perusing the BST's and eBay, looking for something interesting, and I just can't find anything, particularly in the electro department. I don't even have one at the moment, because I haven't felt I've needed one for almost a year. Still don't, but seeing as it's the one type of marker I'm lacking I thought I'd look. I never expected to come up empty and so utterly unimpressed.

My eNMEy is everything I feel I could ever need in a mech.

My pre-2K RF sniper with CCM bits is all I want in a pump (still have a few mods planned but it's not lacking anything seriously enough to warrant another gun).

And I have my custom SP1/eNMEy/Ion hybrid pistol for my limited paint play.

The one frontier I have any vague interest in is First Strikes, and frankly, none of the current, more reliable offerings do anything for me.

I just... I don't even know what to do with myself with my inner gunwhore dead and gone...
Right there with you, buddy, only way higher in the marker count. Much of my gun whoring (whoarding?) was done to have a taste of as many of the delicious varieties this sport has to offer as possible, especially custom 'cockers from the late '90's that I lusted after and couldn't afford when they were new (and mightily expensive).

I currently maintain a collection of such markers that's probably a fair bit larger than I strictly need. While I'm still playing regularly - around once a month - I do find that I'm using less and less of my markers in the process. I enjoy having at least a little collection, and will definitely keep a healthy spread, but as I can stomach to part with them, the ones that don't get used are probably going to keep slowly finding their way into BST postings.

Maybe it's contentment, maybe it's the adult financial responsibility that I barely knew I had, hell, maybe it's even a spat of depression, but I just don't NEED that many markers.

In addition to sharing your disinterest in new products (other than the 'cocker stuff the Niche group is working on, at least, which I'm rather keen on), I've even more or less hit the end of my interest in fashionable oldies. Other than bumping my own threads and the occasional boredom/curiosity leading me to check out a posting or some pics, I'm not even checking the BSTs anymore. There's not much, if anything, that could pop up for sale right now that I'd have to jump at. For now at least, I've pretty much seen/done/shot/owned/scratched the itch for everything I had a hankering for.
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