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Had a great day

Just wanted to say that I went out this Saturday to Painted Forest Action Games in Lynchburg, VA and had a great day.

No yelling, no attitude, no scuffles, no fights, no hot guns, no hot tempers, good reffing, stand up play, no cheating, no wiping, no rain, no injuries, no bees, no fires, no gun problems and no stealing.

We played 18 sorties during the day, shot loads of paint, ate powerbars and crackers for lunch, drank enough liquids, took Advil, rarely ran out of air, had good conversation inbetween games, ruined no clothing, got good service from the staff, showed some new kids how to play honerable ball, had folks called out for safety violations, and given a few games off to remind them how important their sight is, taught some return players some tactics, had pump players on the field that were feared for their skills (Go GOAT!), and everyone got to play exactly as much ball as they wanted.

Days like this remind me of why I love paintball.
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"Days like this remind me of why I love paintball."

Good to hear!!!!
I too enjoy days like yours, and luck out at my local field with that calibre of play,sportsmanship and fun!

Cheers, heres to many more!

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Sounds awsome, i have had a few days like that.

One of my best experiences was 4th of july(i think) walk on game at skirmish a few years back. 23 players in or group and no other players at all. We got 23 games in that day and had complete run of shirmish and did everything we wanted to. The only downer of the day was this girl who had no idea what she was doing and was a real bitch. She got right in my face and yelled at me for shooting her friend 10 or so times times, though i was yelling "Are you out?!?!" and she kept saying no...The refs just told us to ignor her and enjoy ourselves and we did.

One thing I really love is when the refs kick *** on rule breakers. One of the refs im friends with dragged a kid off th field by his shirt for shooting 330 or so then told the reff to go F' off....or something like that.
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