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First Strike only game

I posted this question over in the FS section, but things seem a little quiet there.
My question is- has anyone here ever played in a First Strike only game?
I'm in the position to create this scenario and would like to hear of any experiences with FSR only.
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Never have, but I'd love to. Playing an entirely single shot FSR game, with maybe a break-breach double-barrel or two mixed in, would be awesome. If I lived in your neck of the woods I'd be blackmailing people to make 'em turn out.
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I would like that alot
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Michigan had a FSR only game this spring. I went to their first Magfed only game. And most players (including myself) were using FSR all day. I took 350 of them and shot them all before the last 2 games, and then switched to round ball to end the day.

FSR are REALLY fun to use! Much more accurate to use than regular paint. As you don't get the side to side wobble that you get with round paint. You just line up your barrel and it will fly right at your target, with the only thing you have to worry about is getting the right arch to hit your opponent.

You end up getting hit a lot less as you don't have to send 3 shots for one hit. You just fire and bam, your enemy raises their hand.

Here is a video I made where I took on a big group of players on the side of a hill with my TCR shooting FSR.
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I had a "team" practice game where we only used FSR, for testing for an upcoming scenario game.

With a 4v4 game, we have a few different marker setups, including TiPX, T15, SSR, and my Spyder EMR5.

The game was longer range initially, with a considerable amount of teamwork being used to advance to the middle of the field. No one shot without first having a target, and no suppressive fire was used. FSR are too expensive :P

The game was extremely intense, as each team moved up to the middle field objective. No one was shot more than twice, mostly just once, out of the 5 games we played.

Biggest things we found is that starting positions on the field matter a lot. If you start in the range of a ranged SSR you are going to have a hard time getting the middle of the field, as you will be immediately pinned down. Small fields will work just fine if there is enough cover to move around, otherwise you get into very slow stalemates with each team heavily covering the "lanes" but not really able to move. Larger fields are more fun if the fields are more open, the long range duels are pretty fun to play.

Overall, it's crazy fun.
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