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Playing at some since-closed field near Victor, NY years and years ago (like 1999 or 2000).
Its a slooooow autumn day and there's only 4 of us that showed up, so we're playing 2 on 2 elimination. The field is small with a 2 story tower in the middle and some spools and bunkers around it. Weirdly, I take the tower right off the bat...weird because I never "tree" myself in towers...but I think it gave a huge advantage on this layout. I'm running with my F4 with a coiled remote and my cousin is using his L7 Mag with a ss braided remote line. This will become important in a moment. I get the first guy out easy and then turn my attention to the other side of the tower where my cousin has the other guy pinned, neither of us has a good angle on him. So I put the guy's head down with a hail of paint while my cousin breaks cover to sprint up and flank him...or at least that's what he set out to do. He takes 3 steps when his remote line catches on an overhead branch, and as I'm watching, it yanks his Mag right of his hands and drops him on his *** with his gun 3 feet behind him. This suddenly has all of my attention, so naturally the other guy pops out and gogs my cousin and I.

I don't run remote anymore.
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The first time I ever played on an actual paintball field it was a huge turnout for walk on players. 100+ players, and I came with a group of 8 or so friends. My friend Tahn, who had a previous shoulder dislocation injury, came full sprint to baseball slide into the flag pit, but in the process, checked his shoulder on the flag pole. He rolled over screaming, and we got him out of the pit and off the field.

He proceeded to Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon his shoulder back in. It took 3 attempts.

We were all sure he was done.

He played out the rest of the day.
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OH! I have two.

First, no fun story, but here's the scene. EMR, Western Wars, June 2010. An hour into the game I rolled my ankle. By that night, it was the size of a softball. A day later...

That's a terrible picture, but the colors are just bruises of various hues spanning from the bottom of my foot to partway up my calf.

Two months of physical therapy and hobbling around with a cane. That was fun.

The upside was the case of paint I was going to stretch across three weekends, I had in its entirety for the August EMR game that year, and I sure as hell made use of it.

Second I got on video, when I slipped on ice and slide into and through a wooden bunker. Pro tip: watch the ice.
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I remember once I casually was walking back with my hand on the barrel of my gun, which was electronic.


It was then when I realized that, afterall, you really only need one shot to get someone and that semi was the way to go.
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As a kid, my church youth group was playing. The youth leader's brother runs a field in his back yard, and reffed for us. Teams were stacked... youth leader was the competitive type. I was on the wrong side of the stack. We get murdered for three games straight, and the 4th is simple CTF.

Screw it, I'm bringing the ENTIRE team on a deep left flanking play. All the little 13 year olds charge up the field after me, and only two of em know what they're doing, but it's pretty impressive. We get to the flag station, have it surrounded... and hear comes the youth leader, charging up the middle with two guys, retrieving OUR flag. Whoops.

I charge in, gun blazing, with the whole team of 9 in tow. I get shot out. I look over, to watch 6'4" youth leader hit the ground, hard, with the flag carrier behind him then taking the rest of the string. One of our guys dashes in, grabs THEIR flag, and hangs it right before time runs out.

The ref is laughing hysterically by now, seems youth leader took a burst to the jewels. His brother congratulated each of us personally, and the teams were a bit more even the rest of the day, as our opponents played down a man for a while.


My personal worst, though - in college, went to play paintball with a lady who was really excited about it. I'm running a stock class Phantom, and she has one of my blowbacks. At the start of a game on the airball field, I'm thinking, I know how this is done... I'm gonna dive into the snake. Run, dive, slide... catch a dry spot in the grass and tumble head over heels past the snake, and wind up on my back, totally exposed. A touch humiliating...
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Go to minute 31.

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