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WGP whore
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I think the last time I went out I brought about 20+ markers. And everything that goes along with it. This is my first time at this field mind you. The owner who I've known for a long time keeps sending people over to us to get us to fix their markers or for spare parts or tune something up. Throughout the day 1 or 2 or so people don't bother me. I will take breaks here and there and don't mind fidlin'. But at least leave me alone in the morning. I want all my stuff that I plan on using that day in working order before I work on others gear.
Then you have the people that don't have anything, or didn't bring anything. RENT gear! And I'm not talking about newbies, I'm talking about guys that have been playing for years! Go to a movie or something if you are to lazy to pack out your own crap. Cause at the end of the day, I'm the one that has to unload, clean and repack (hang) everything. And figure out how many parts I have to beg people here for that they lost or broke.

Wow! That does feel good to get out!
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I am with you. My former team had a tech guy that could sometimes fix the one or two markers that he owned and could mess up most anything. He was fond of epoxy and electrical tape. I have never seen %100 success at getting barrels stuck by adding raincovers before. I missed several games last season by trying to get other peoples problematic markers working and have amassed a personal tacklebox style tool box that has enough supplies to almost completely rebuild a spyder, tippmann 98, or a vm in the field. I leave the cocker parts at home because I am shaky on them. In fact next Scenario I am outfitting 3 other people head to toe, 1 other person with a backup and several other people with bits and pieces as well as supplying my gas grill. And that is not counting the cocker I am having built just so we can have a spare semi. Oh yeah, and I may be supplying 2 splatmasters for the scenario for duelling purposes (still don't know if that is going to fly. Of course afterwards I will be offering all my splattys to you whores, including the ca adaptor.
Not that I am getting frustrated with being the armory or I am looking for another team or anything

Support your local fields. The game you save may be your own.

"No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up." ~ Lily Tomlin
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Old. Geek. Paintballer.
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Well, since I ran a field in the early 90's, it always seems that I naturally end up helping out with different things, unconciously. I'll go to chrono my gun, and notice that 30 min later, I've helped five or six other people chrono and adjust their markers, or someone will have a problem, and I'll just go help them, and then help several other people while I'm there. That type of thing. I've also played a lot of "private" fields recently, so I really try to help with the safety aspect, always carry a chrono, explain things, watch for barrel plugs, etc. When playing at more organized fields, I try to just hang back and do my own thing. I usually have one extra setup, as well, in case someone's marker quits or someone new wants to play. When I was new to the sport, there were players who were really nice to me and helped me out, and that kept me going back, so I try to act in kind to other players.
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starts off small at first
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I guess I'm a scum bag, well I am now.
I used to bring extra for the have not's, till I got fed up coming back home with less than I left with.
If I get toghether with a group of friends, it's different. I will help out a stranger if they seem worthy.
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I am not a macodomy!!
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I figured most of you guys would relate to this.
It's not really the repair part since if it's anything to complex I don't touch it at the field, or tell them to use there back up marker.
Which is usually mine.
Going to start a rental/cleaning fee for any of my gear soon.
Just at the end of the day lugging all that gear and stuff back to the car and then in the house and down to the basement, then cleaning it all is getting old.
Just like me I guess.
Especially after blowing my hamstring, again, makes it more of a pain in the butt. (and leg)
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I usually bring enough gear to equip a 5 man team, and sometimes it feels like I am doing so. I usually end up at least 3 times a day helping some other players with their markers(except for the new electros that is, way beyond me). Except for the occasional idiot, I really dont mind doing so if it helps promote the sport, and some good will. I really hope that when the newbie goes home he/she will tell mom and dad that that the gun broke but this nice guy helped them out. Not for my ego but because it all helps our sport and I kind of believe in the "pay it forward" method of Karma.
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Crafter of skins
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I usually spend half of my play time either helping someone, being asked shop questions, or asked to fix someones marker that they hadat my shop 2 years ago...

This year Imma just put caution tape around me...
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Post Whore
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You do it for the Love of the Sport

Not to mention you have alot of extra crap I know that's my problem, I have to many guns and would like to play with all of them and end up taking more than I need.

I don't let many people borrow my stuff unless I know them or they know one of my friends really well. But in the end what ever I lent out will probably get messed up anyway. I sorta expect that but when it's friends, I don't mind. Since I probably wasn't gonna use that harness anymore anyway or I can just change the O-ring or whatever. Haven't had anything get seriously damaged yet (knock on wood) As for teching peoples guns... I can work on automags OK and nelson based pumps - that's my level of tech. Never touched a cocker, and even my X-mag sorta scares me, but it's mine and I'll do what I can. I will lend tools out - just gotta make sure I get them back so when I need them, I'll have them.
Newbs always need help and I don't mind trying and if I can't help them out, I'll see if I can get them pointed in the right direction.
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That's why I got a Van. Add to that a 16x16 canvas tent with 8ft walls and 5 tables for senario games.
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