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We used to carry an old can of Banaca mouth spray on us and then use it to simulate a 12 gram emptying. They would smell spearmint as I blasted them in the face.

The cool thing about doing this every now and again is that your team gained a reputation for faking 12 gram changes and then when you really did change one - they did not charge you.

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The dead walk I haven't done but once(didnt have my barrel plug in or my hand/gun up, just walked with my head down mumbling and cursing, they fell for it, so i didnt feel bad), but rushing around the tape line behind people i have done. Fan-freaking-tastic is how i describe that. I got behind my oponents on many ocasion and would crawl up to them and hang in their bunker for a bit, with my team tape on the other side of him so he cant see it. Sit there and have a chat for a minute or so, then bring my barrel into their chest and inform them that I am not actualy on their team and that they can surender now, or pick pieces of shell out of their chest with tweezers later.

On a far larger scale, my sniper was malfunctioning durring the skirmish stalingrad game this year, the trigger kept getting stuck. I got myself behind their lines once it started getting dark and started working my way into their ranks. I would walk up on a group of people tag them all with my barrel and inform them that they were out and to leave the field peacefully. I got at least 70 elims that way in a matter of an hour or 2....Once it got semi dark i would just run off into the crowd and they couldnt find me. I did however almost pistol whip one kid. I taged him and told him he was out, and he started flipping out screaming theres an enemy over here and what not. I yelled at him and told him to shut up and that the dead dont talk, and also mentioned that kids with concussions dont either.

The co2 trick I havent used yet, but i have thought of it. next time i screw with a rental and act like a noob ill do that.
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I once got nailed by a guy who used a twelvie trick but took it a step further. I heard him gas out then he got up and holstered his gun. Didn't plug it or put his hands up, just came a walkin' out of the woods. I wasn't sure if he was out or not, since a holster is not the same as a barrel bag so I don't know if it's an automatic out when your primary gets holstered. He pointed to his gun and said, "ran out of twelvies." When I turned around I heard the ever familiar click and he shot me in the middle of the back. Cleverly played.

Now it was clever, and far better than a dead man walking, though he should have barrel tagged me from that range. I firmly place the blame on myself since I should have barrel tagged him if I was unsure. That's story's why I have a disdain for deadwalkers though. That and someone on my team did it at a recent game and my whole team had to get involved to fix the mistake. An apology worked wonders, but as they say, a single mistake has the power to erase ten good deeds.
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That was kinda shady to me.

Just my POV, but verbally engaging you like that was almost like a plea for mercy. Therefore what would have happened it you had shot him? Would he have gotten ticked saying that he was walking off and you plugged a defensely player?

I dunno... there's gamesmanship & fun/silly stuff you try for the heck of it, and then there's boarderline stuff.

I think you did right by not marking the player, maybe if I'm in the same position I'll be sure to ask "Are you out?" (while still tracking him). Give it one or two heartbeats, then plug him some place safe (leg, lower then the shoulders, etc.) if he doesn't give me an answer.

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I honestly don't ask. I hat the DMW - so I generally gog the person if thier hand is down or they have no barrel bag or I can't see thier armband. I have made a few mistakes - but VERY few.

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