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Originally Posted by Chefdave
I've been accused of bonus balling with a SC gun a few times...
Yeah, I've been witness to it


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I generally try not to bonus ball but sometimes its hard to help yourself. The last time I played, I had a friendly one on one game with my nephew. I had my PMI1 he had my brothers's Ion. As he is young I didn't get aggressive with him and we played a few times with him shooting me once and me goggling him once. The third time we played I was playing nice and that little sucker shot me an excess of twenty times at less then twenty feet even after I called myself out. I was going to let it go but he then started talking smack about how he lit me up. As he was walking away from me I shot him once in the butt at about fifty feet. He dropped like he had been poleaxed holding both cheeks yelling ow it hurts, ow it hurts. I know it was a cheap shot, but I couldn't resist as I felt like I had been on the receiving end of a hornets nest. He now knows that overshooting is a bad thing and has consequences. He still went home and told his brothers how he lit me up, but doesn't do that anymore.
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Only one incident that I can recall fits the description of overshooting.

The first game that I played with my Rainmaker (damned electros and their light triggers).
It was a private game on public land. We were sweeping an area 20m x 100m between a ditch and a berm. I encountered a worthy adversary sniper crawling along the edge of the ditch. He was in tall grass and I couldn't see him but I could see the grass moving not more than 10m in front of me. So I gave him 10 or 12 balls and asked if he was out. No answer, other than frantic grass movement in the vicinity of a dead tree. So I gave him another 20 or so. Still no answer. Either he's really lucky or he's cheating. . . By this time, Pete is moving up on my right side and I signalled for him to flank around the far side of the tree.
Pete's a pretty good sized boy. None too stealthy like. As I'm sidestepping left to get a tree between myself a Riel, Pete starts flanking. Only Pete moves with the grace of a dancing elephant.
Riel spooked and I didn't stop until I saw a hand go up.

Between Pete and myself, we lit him up pretty good. He admitted to wiping a hit or two from the first couple of vollees but didn't think he should have been shot up like that.

I felt vindicated.
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I havent "overshot" anyone but I have been subject to purposely shooting people in the soft spots with my pump.

I love the crawling away from you shot right in the bean bag.


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Originally Posted by kidneythief
I havent "overshot" anyone but I have been subject to purposely shooting people in the soft spots with my pump.

I love the crawling away from you shot right in the bean bag.

All I have to say is....................

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Originally Posted by Chefdave
I've been accused of bonus balling with a SC gun a few times...
I was playing woods against some mil-sim wannabee's, and one guy completely walked past me and I shot him once in the side as he passed. He proceded to flail wildly and fall on his arse, gun flying in the air. I saw him shortly after in the parking lot and he was complaining about getting shot multiple times to his buddies (he must not have seen me again), so I walked up with my SC Carter and said "with this?"
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Not really a shooting an 'opponent' story and kinda sad really, but...

I was playing up the hill with the Tahoe guys late last year. We'd gotten busted for playing at an old abandoned silver processing facility on federal property, so a few of us went to one of their regular 'legal' renegade fields on DOF land in South Tahoe. We separate into 2 teams and head to opposite sides of the slope of a hill. Whistle blows, I run behind a rock, and see a head sticking up behind a bush about 50 feet away. I open up on him, apparently scoring some hits but he doesn't call himself out. That's when I realize not only that he's not wearing a mask but he's facing away from me. We call the game and a couple of the guys go over to talk to this guy.

Turns out this area is frequented by lots of local homeless people. They just make themselves at home in the forest just outside of the city. We had no idea where this guy came from, nobody saw him before we started.

Afterwards we were talking about it, and one of the guys that had gone and spoken to this man commented 'Dude, somebody totally lit the guy's dog UP! It was all green.' So of course we all look at our hoppers, and of course I'm the only guy shooting green.
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First time on PBCity, but here goes.
Probably the second or third time went paintballing with my (mech) Spyder, I was on a new field at my local field, a spool field with like 8 bunkers in all. I was in the "stand up" in the middle of my section of the field. There was another smaller spool around 15 ft forward and to my left occupied by a little kid that was tearing it up. Around two minutes in, I pop out and see a another kid with a Bushy about to bunker this kid. I calmly shot him four or five times in the midsection from like 20 feet away. I really didn't think about it, it was the first game of the day and the first time I was pballing in around two months.

After the game I went to the kid and apologized and it was no biggie, but thats pretty much the only time I've ever lit a guy up...
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My first scenario was the 48 hour replicant run at Skirmish 5-6 years ago. My platoon was on the trailing end of a tactical withdrawal, and we crossed a stream and dug in to wait for the vanguard that was coming up behind us.

It was a huge game, with very few refs, and there had been lots of reports of "wiping bastards" on the other side (although to be honest, there were probably plenty on my side as well. It ended up being that kind of game) Anyway, the first two guys from the other team came barging across the river in a "make it or die trying" assault. It was open season since we were all dug in, and they were out in the open. Those 2 guys didn't call out. I put a hopper on them, and they didn't call out. The 30 other guys around me dumped paint on them and they didn't call out. Lord knows how may hits they took. I ended up walking away in disgust after putting 200 rounds down range and SEEING the hits blossom on them like Morning Glories welcoming the sun.

It really gave me a bad taste for scenario play. It was years before I did another.
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Overshooting is a subjective term these days.
I recall the Skirmish field briefing years ago, no more than 3 or you are overshooting, they now say around 6 instead. I consider the act itself to be the use of more paint than common sense and skill would dicate as required. You should know if those first one or two will connect, and then not shoot 8 more, that's part of being skillfull.
Accidents happen, and I get caught at least every year, like my double gog nasty hit to that poor kid on the castle wall last year, 4 splats instant on lense. I considered that overshooting for me.
Bonus balling never bothered me, it's a small irritant, but I am one of those that don't consider paintballs painful. However I almost never do it, shooting an 'out' player.

My worst case was in 1991 when I shot someone's fasle teeth out at distance, couldn't hear them (duh) or see what happened and stiched them some more for not calling out. I felt like crap, and figure he was hit 3 times in the mask/mouth (he was uphill) and a few in the body. Same year I stiched a player at 15 feet with an automag in the back, 4 shots, all jumpy on the new Automag and at 16, without any trigger disipline.

You learn alot about playing with honor and class over time, but I do think we all need to be a slgiht bit tolerant when our peers make mistakes and all learn from them, in order to move forward to having a good time and toast each other at the days end.

At least it's not California Magnum in your mouth under those snappers or cutting your shirt to threads anymore, we've come a long ways.

The absolute hosers have a lot to learn if their control of it is poor. Most I took was about 11, irritating to clean up.
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