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I think you should follow Shartleys lead and go off in another direction and get a custom mil sim paint slinger from some custom shop that likes you and is more than likely to give you a good discount for all the "sponsor" type talk that you'll give the gun...

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Have you considered pneu-triggering a custom cocker? I think cockers were the first things I saw one on, and it was pretty wild with the front block AND a second set of pneumatics for the frame. Maybe combine that with a custom pneumatic loader and have the craziest all-air rig out there.
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Just find an angel threaded cocker body and make a nice half block or mid block SC pump. Since medic will be making adapters,this might spur up a few more SC cockers. Just a thought to keep it simple. Or get a cocker body and mill the HELL out of it then make it a pump. I also like the Ricochet hoppers,but I also use a pre BE View Loader 18 volt.
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Well, there's nothing easier to make custom then a cocker, and I just like the feel of shooting them. Then there's custom mags, those Karta mags are a beauty. And of course you can't go wrong with a custom AKA. Some of the old style Matrixes are really nice as well. And I'd like a real old school Angel, and a Rainmaker as well. Custom pumps are nice as well, but you have plenty of pumps if I'm not mistaken.

Loader wise, I'd say an Apache or Revvy. My Apache has been great, and is plenty fast enough for any guns with eyes. They have a lot less problems and are easier to maintain then Halos or Vlocities. The Evo isn't bad, but the balance is a little weird.
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