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Hey guys, this seems like a great idea, and i think i'll just have to contribute!

Have Given To:
MIDWESTHIPPO117------On/Off ASA with flame drop forward

Have received:

What i want:
-50rd pods, or any pods with a "collar"
-knee pads (large)
-Elbow pads
-WGP valve tool

What i have:

-Clear Events/Avatar mask lens

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People I have given to:
speedball ftw
People who have given to me:

What I have to give:

all sorts of ASA srcews
a 32 degrees expansion chamber.
co2 tank butt stocks

What I need:

A Tippmann 98 front grip ASA
any kind of drop forward
a Tippmann 98 valve assembly (I know its a long shot)

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Location: MS Gulf Coast

Whom I have given to:
Food, Water, Paint, and tech support to the kids who showed up at our outlaw game last weekend with nothing but leaky guns, and thick camo sweatshirts in the 103 degree south mississippi heat?

Who has given to me:
Tons of advice from you guys

What I have to give:
Spyder striker o-rings (blue teflon ones for the newer slim strikers)
Some elbows (both 1" and 7/8")

What I need:
spyder single trigger
cup seal that will work on a hammer (spyder/nelson?)
Trracer/Maverick cup seal
Razorback powertube (even just to borrow so by brother can make some)
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Location: Vancouver, BC

Brass N Wood Fan
What I have received
WHat i have given
2 20 oz C0z tanks(one Local and to another person i forget who)
a Broken Spyder pilot 05 ACS with barrel (GONE)
what ihave to give

What i am looking for
A barrel BAG

Autococker bodies, internals, 3 ways, rammers, anything really
Feed Back Thread

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Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Kea'au Hawai'i

Whom I have given to:
Stinger Laser Etch Rgo Grips (new kid at local field)
Microswitch/battery harness (guy at field during last tourney)
Black phantom feedcap to grantis2911
Duckbill ASA & Black Phantom Horizontal Feed to Konner09

Who has given to me:
a few good deals and advice by the guy who introduced me to the sport and everyone on all the various forums I participate in.

What I have to give:
Karni on/off (not sure if working)
2- Spyder gas throughs

What I need/want:
45 grips for CCI Phantom
stock eye covers for DP G3
black drop forward

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Location: Toronto, ON

Brass N Wood Fan

People who have given to me (If I missed you then LMK):
- Mavalon

People who I have given to:
- Half a case of paint to a new kid at the feild
- Tiberius Mock Silencer to a team mate
- Kingman Training Magazine to a team mate

- Things I have to give:
- Some Tiberius Parts
- Some MR1 Parts

Things I am looking for (in order of priority):
- Spyder Drop-Forward
- Cheap Low end markers (broken or working)
- Mag Stuff
- Tiberius stuff

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Location: Melbourne/Palmbay FL

What i have-
Ill post up as i find it

What I need-
Any and All Phantom parts
Stock Ion Bolt

Im going to laser every part with the name of who i got it from and build one awesome one
Whos given to me-

Who have I given to-
Tyler Smith-Warmachine
Wannabe Airsmith

Pm me if you want to buy a pump


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Items wanted :
Expansion chamber

Items Passed Forward:
-gadget grip -Gone to i forget who
-pro-carbine foregrip -Gone to B17
-pro-carbine back cap -Gone to B17
-13/16" of used black macroline -Gone to the trash

-a5 trigger -Gone to HyePower
-a5 trigger guard -Gone to HyePower
-a5 cmi true flight -Gone to HyePower
-a5 paddles -Gone to HyePower
-a5 back block -Gone to HyePower
-a5 ratchet parts -Gone to HyePower

-Items still available:
-old asa
-black rubber 45 grips
-tippmann 98 act bolt

Items Received:
-davmitchell- bbl, bbl adptr, and drop.
-TAG- Freak barrel back & front for Spyder (NO INSERTS)
Generic 30 mm red dot scope
-tcbmellowd-5 reballs
-MIDWESTHIPPO117- scope, elbow
-S.L. east side-barrel socks
-Mavalon- tippmann valve body

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Location: Los Angeles, CA

Whom I have given to:
sportshot to my friend
extra squeegy to a newcomer at my local field
Who has given to me:

What I have to give:
daisy 4X15 scope w/o mounts
jt barrel sock
1X 48/45 nxe tank cover

What I need/want:

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Not Banned Kerry
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Location: Ottawa, Canada

Who i have given to:
No one yet

Who i have recieved from:
No one yet

Things i need:
ANY T8 parts, anything T8 related. ANYTHING!
10 round tubes
Any MOLLE attachments
T8 rear sight (MOST IMPORTANT)
Very low end markers that you dont want, im new to paintball

Things i have:
Really not much, just started the sport, i have some minor t8 things like pins and o rings
T8 tac rail

Black Chrome T8, CCM S5, Invert Mini I, Invert Mini II, Y-framed Minimag
Author of Useful Resources For Tiberius Owners.
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