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Lets keep this thread going. Season of giving is coming soon so everyone put up their stuff.

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What I can give:
20 ounce Co2 tank Gone to Rudisill
12 ounce Co2 tank Gone to Lenny
Visor for Profilers
100 round pod pack (holds two pods, no belt, just pack)

What I want:
12 gram changer
3.5 ounce tank
50 round hopper Pending from Lenny

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Why is this thread no longer stickied? Hmm... Up, then, I guess...

(I'll be able to ship everything Friday. I got things squared away with my bank and tuition. Sorry about the delay. And thanks to all who've given to me!)
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Well here we go...

I've linked to a couple pictures for reference

1 "Widemouth Sight Feeder" ~250 rd. hopper Gone to matteusz on AO.
3 black *brand new* Nitroduck 150 rd. pods 1 gone to matteusz on AO, 2 gone to etjoyride on AO.
1 *wide* double finger trigger shoe (fits Tippman?) (missing 2 of 3 set screws) Gone to Shockwave.
1 plastic PGP pump Gone to Pillage.
1 "Lonestar Ordinance Stowaway2" grip W/O trap door
1 really beat up VM68 hand guard Gone to Shockvave.
N I've got a bunch of those cheap tank o-rings if anyone wants a few.
1 (7 1/4) length of black plastic tubing (o.d.- .25 of an inch) Gone to tech-chan on AO.
1 Autococker trigger coupler thingy minus set screws (one end threaded)
1 ghetto copper VM68 feedneck (a little longer than original and mostly painted black)

- dovetail ring mounts (for 1" o.d. scope)
- any random 1/8th NPT braided hoses and fittings
- a parabolic 'Mag pf plug!

As always;
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Next time add more yelling and crazy camera angles. Maybe start an episode with you parachuting into your attic, then you immediatley come under fire from the french resistance. I can see it now....
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Fan of EMR
Okay after digging in my parts boxs here is what I have to give

1. sheriden pump handle( one hole is stripped)Going to knightmare96
2. sniper2 bottom line setup of my sniper great if you want to restore a sniperGoing to SuperHiQuality87
3. raptor bottle adapter
4. tippman vertival adapter for the pro carbine type markers
5. 2 pt extreme valves 1 complete one in pieces ( new)
6. pt enforcer doesn't work Going to Rudisill
7. red dot site not sure of the make Going to SuperHiQuality87

what I am looking for

regulator( like a palmer stab, not that I am asking for one of these just that style)
hinge frame for a 98-99 cocker
cocker barrel
mag parts( looking for a sear, searpin, twist lock and rail)

Thanks for looking

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recieved 10 speed caps from Wycke
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Originally Posted by Be4life182 View Post
ill gats pwn nubs n give mE pwners?
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Alright, I'm looking for something kinda specific, and I'll have to see what I've got lying around...but....

I'd like to get my grubby little hands on a broken/dismembered Cyclone Feed for a 98. I have an experiment in mind and hate to spend/cut up a good one. The only requirement is that the hopper/feed block is more or less in one piece, I think I could make new guts....(or get some of the aluminum ones if the body fit.)

Catchya on the Flip Side.....

Emerald Wolf -- Let me know....
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I need:
As many 10 round tubes I can get.

Thank you,
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I just sent my tanks out, this thread is a great idea.
I want this thread at the top!

You can delete this post later if you want.
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-Complete Spyder X-tra, in parts.Shockwave.
-Complete Zap ZXS-500, also in parts. Shockwave.
-Check-It aluminum vertical feed adapter for Spyder. Shockwave.
-Ten-round tubes, with green caps. Admeech, Mirage, and Shockwave.

-Stock Java grips from Spyder.
-16" CMI Thunderpig barrel. Spyder threads. Black, straight rifled and my second mill project--six rows of progressive porting. Never used after the ports were added. Could probably use a good hone. Roughly twelve inches unported. Would make a good basis for a custom barrel, especially bored for inserts.
-2 brass Spare Air adapters.

-'mag overpressure assembly. (forgot who sent it )
-9oz buttplate (From Ruleyoutoo My Phantom's getting a bottomline for this.)

-'Cocker parts. Again, anything--for project 'guns, so mostly pneumatics and grips.
-Random pneumatic parts.
-Barrels--Blazer or 'Cocker.
-Rainmaker parts.
-Various odds and ends. I'm a packrat, and can--and have--made projects just to incorporate parts. Any oddball 'gun parts you need to get rid of? Weird machine tooling? PM me.
-12gram bucket or lever changers.
-'mag sear. The type for the threaded pin with bearing.
-Brass! Old bodies, damaged bodies, feed tubes, replaced barrels, scraps of rod, tube, or plate.

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