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Originally Posted by Emerald Wolf View Post
I'm pretty "abusive" to my paint too. I've not really had any paint related issues until I learned the hard way it's bad to leave paint in pods. I had some dimple up, it would not shoot straight. I found if I leave it in the bag, I'm fine. (I have some 3 year old Super Swirl that is still round....

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I store my paint in 10 rd tubes, 9 per tube and rotate frequently. I guess I come in at the opposite end of the spectrum from "abusive"!
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I recently bought a 500 bag of Sterling paint that was at least .689, probably more like .690-.691. I couldn't blow it through my .688 BOA snakebite. My z's with the stock barrel(.690ish?) were VERY happy with it. I dunno if its consistently that big, but I'm gonna give it a shot again soon. Oh, and it wasn't very brittle either.

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Originally Posted by tarakian View Post
Let that be a lesson to all you criminal types. Don't steal old and unique paintball gear. We are the market and we will find you.

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My teams old favorite was red Nelson Challenger. It was the biggest paint available. We never seem to have the oportunity to choose our own paint these days so we never shoot it anymore. I have an inquiry in at Nelson to see what today's specifications are.
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Originally Posted by TouchofGrey View Post
What is the largest diamater quality paint currently made and what is the size.
Paintball size chart.

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Paintball Sizes

Originally Posted by HTRN View Post
Thanks, that is the chart I currently have. I just need to mic the barrel and then find paintballs that are not brittle that are consistently round and of high quality. The key is to get it mic'd.
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if you get smaller paint and leave it open for 1/2 – 1 hours before play, it will both swell up and become less brittle
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Originally Posted by HTRN View Post
This chart has Anarchy paint listed as Large bore. I've never had a case of that paint over .687.

Anyone else?
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It aint nation wide its international. Paint sucks everywhere. Anybody use nelson paint lately? hvent seen it here in Canada for years, but I know you can get it south of the Border. That was good paint, rpshrere was my old favourite. paint manufacturers are playing us for a bunch of putzes. At what point did .676-679 become close enough to call it .680-.683.
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The field I play uses Draxxus inferno(my experience matches the chart at .688-.689)as field paint, so I've not had any rollout trouble with my sheridan.

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Through field testing only...with no empirical data to show per se....but I've had good luck with Nelson "Whack" paint. I'm not exactly sure what the size is. I've only found it at Dick's sporting goods. It comes in a large sealed white bucket with 1000 yellow balls, and 100 orange. (4 500rd bags). I've run it through my splatmasters, PGP, and Razorback pump with no problems. The orange makes a heck of a nice splat too.
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