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Perfection will suffice
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Hey, is this paintball confessional, or marker confessional?

I'll assume the former, so here goes.

I once ambushed my own team in a game (not a tourney, of course), just because I was bored, and I thought it would be hilarious to do.

Boy, were they mad!

And do you know what? Totally worth it.

"Dude. I'm pretty sure he's behind one of those bunkers over there."

My Feedback:
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sometimes i shoot those kids that stay in back and just don't move up
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Post Whore
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First time playing with a tippman after 2 yrs of pump....I tried to pump it after getting to a bunker :S
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Triggerfish PB
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I have dirty DIRTY thoughts about all my markers...
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I'm Comin' To Getcha!
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Fan of EMR
I've shot many different makers over the years and I can't stand Mags,nothing against anyone that shoots them,just don't like Mags.

As for a non-marker confession...I once switched sides mid-game during a scenario game and switched back again once I got to where the objective was (Refs were ok with it because I asked before hand if there was anything against freelance spies.They had appointed several spies before I asked).Because I did that we won the game.I was very proud of that tactic then,not something I'd do in a million years now.
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Function over looks
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I own a PTX and enjoy using it.
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  • I've never eaten a paintball that has not first broken on my face mask during a game.
  • I own SP products.
  • I get great stress relief and personal satisfaction from hunting down my fellow man so that I may shoot him/her.
  • I refuse to surrender so if you get the drop on me you better just go ahead and shoot me.
  • If you join my team SC Roadkill, expect me to shoot near you during a scenario when you are least expecting it [we do this constantly to each other]
  • I'm typing my confessions even though I told my wife I was working on class work and would soon be getting off the computer.

"Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud." -Sophocles

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I see dead people
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Oh, I have another one.

I used to/ still do consider myself a "cocker" guy, yet secretly coveted my buddies splash annod mini mag.
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Blue resistance movement.
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I threw a KP away in the garbage many years ago because it was leaking, missing a few parts, and was old.

Yes, I deserve punishment.

It puts the hands in the air or it gets the paint again.
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I will soon have just as many semis as pumps.......and the semi is an electro.......yes I will be down to only two guns........course don't Carters count as like 4 or 5 pumps?
"I don't like a man who carries a sawed off 12 gauge under his coat, because he doesn't like to miss" -Bob Lee Swagger

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New England Waterman, a nautical life
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