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Multi gun owners... How do you decide....

.... which ones to play with each weekend?

I've only been out a few times but the last time out I had THREE new to me guns to play with and I used each in turn for a couple to three games. So here I am trying to learn just how to play this new game while I'm also enjoying using the new guns I've been getting.

The worst part is that I've added to the collection since that day. I figure I'll have to play half a game then come in and switch guns mid game just to get through the whole collection on any given day.... After all I don't want to appear to showing favouritism or the other guns will feel inferior!

I know and planned on getting more than I need or even want and selling off the ones that don't do something for me but I've got to play with them some more before deciding what stays and what goes.
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i normally swap once i get bored of one i will soon have 3 new guns and will do the same next time i play or bring the 3 and what ever works use it
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Remember last pump day ? The answer is, you take up a whole bench in the staging area.

But seriously, I usually just bring 3 or so guns that I feel like playing with that day. It also depends on what kind of fields you're playing, and what the group is like. I pack different guns for a 2 day scenario than I would for a day at TNT where I know it will be mostly renters.

And then on pump day's, when you've got a whole list of people who want to borrow gear, you bring it all
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That's a tough question. I have way more guns in my collection than any one person really needs and I know there are alot of people with larger collections than mine (I'd say my collection would be dwarfed in comparison) anway, I usually take 3 to 5 guns with me. I have the ones I really want to play with and if those don't work, I move down the line of what I had wanted to play with. If my groove is going well I'll stay with the same gun for the whole day, if things seem odd or the gun goes down, I switch to the next. I've only once had to goto my last gun and still had probs. That was a bad gun day but still OK for paintball.
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Back to paintball.
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Three guns for me when I go. I take a slightly different approach. I consider by:

-How long I'll be playing

It really depends on the field on going to actually, proper tools for the proper enviroment. One speedball field has really honest players and really good refs, so that field gets all my pumps, nothing else. I don't need to worry about wiping or bad reffing. Enjoyable times.

The less quality fields get half and half, a mix of semi automatic and pump guns, if players are honest or not. Weather cuts it down the gun collection to compressed air guns etc. The field affects my choice. I've learned it the hard way when I've bought pump guns to crappy fields and low and behold I did not have such a good day.
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Bring them all, then use the one that seems to fit the setting. One of the pro-lites will normally get used every time I play (as they never breakdown, and have moderatly rate of fire). Also if that game has a special tactic being used, like rushing a opponents bunker or base that most of the other team is in, or if I know I will be doing alot of coverfire.

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I always take my Phantom, and then randomly select another. Soon I'll have 2 more new guns though, so they'll need to be played with. I'm getting a PGP and a classic Mag...
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For me, it's who I'm playing with/against. If I'm playing at regular open-play and it's a bunch of newbies, I'm going to use my mech Series 5. If I show up at a team practice session or a bunch of the local tourney players shows up at open play, I'm using my Karnivor.
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Typical MCB practice is to bring way more guns than you'll ever use and then pick up the one that strikes you fancy for the day.

This one time in NY, Lee, frflow and I went to play indoor in Syracuse and our guns took up space on 2 picnic tables, it looked like a paintball gun museum. When we played that last pump day at TNT I brought out 7 of my guns but only ended up using 1 all day.
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