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Do you wear protective gear?

Chest protectors, knee pads, cups, neck guards, etc?

The only thing I wear is my hat and my gloves. I will not play without my gloves if I can help it.

Heck in the last video you'll see that I got shot right on my pinkie finger. Ow... Imagine having no gloves? Eeek.

Now I have been shot in my family unmentionables, but I still don't wear a cup. Can't exactly say why, but I just don't... just like I don't wear a neck protector.

What do you wear, and any particular reason as to why?
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I only wear a Shartley Ban-du and my goggles as protective gear other than my BDU's.

No wussy, cups, chest armor, neck protectors, knee pads, shin guards... etc.

And especially NO GLOVES! Remember... gloves are for COLD weather or for women.

WHY? I like getting shot... hurts so good. Especially on my fingers. (Which happens A LOT!)

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Knee pads and gloves. Sometimes I will wear a Sandanna, but its really no big deal. I dont get hit in the head much. Knee pads are just there because I slide A LOT.
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Depends on what type of ball I am playing.

Tourney ball- Full fore arm and elbow pads, slider shorts and knee/shin pads. More for sliding since I usually have to take snake then anything else. You are going to get blasted and more padding is not allowed anyway. I do wear a bandanna around my neck (which is allowed) to cut down on the neck shots that look real bad when I get back to work.

Woods/Scenario- Seldom get blaster but like a heat seaking missle I get knuckle shots. Gloves with hard knuckle protection are a must and getting harder to find. I am like you, I won't play unless I have gloves.

Knock on wood... Been playing since 89' and have not been shot in the man berries yet.
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Gloves, because of how the feild I play at is woodded and with the hills, you ar always grabbing at branches and the occasional rope ladder.

Kneepads, because i have a tendancy to slide on my knees. Last time I forgot to wear them and tred to slide feet first, I snapped my ankle in 2 places.
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Always wear gloves - although usually only 1/2 finger. Yet to be hit on unprotected fingertips, I'm sure it will hurt but I don't want to give up the feel/control of bare fingers, esp. when playing stock class with all the reloading & 12g changes.

Almost always wear a hat of some sort, although sometimes it's only a thin bandanna.

Don't bother with a cup as the pants I usually wear have some padding there.

Looking into knee/shin pads of some sort. As I get older, my knees aren't able to take the abuse they used to.

Used to have some nice Dye forearm/elbow pads which really helped out with forearm hits in the summer. I wouldn't bother with them as it got cooler & I could wear a couple of layers. They offered about the protection of a long shirt + a sweatshirt. I tend to get hit in my left (pump) forearm a lot.

What I'd really like to see is an un-restricting lightly padded shirt of some kind. I have pretty broad shoulders and tend to get hit a couple of times a day in each shoulder. Maybe I just need to work on not leaving them exposed so often.
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Gloves and pants with built in kneepads. Everything else seems to get hit far less often or not hurt as much.
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I wear a Ban-Du, Neck Guard, Mask, and Gloves (half finger). Each of these things have helped against hits.

I do not wear knee or elbow pads, but would not be opposed to them if I had the extra funds to get ones I liked (probably knee pads only though).

I do not wear a cup, but never seemed to need one.

I do however wear an aluminum foil hat from time to time to help shield my brain from the alien mind probes.

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Depends on the game -
Pump or semis in the woods - nothing
Semi's in a village or castle - gloves and a Neck protector

I didn't wear a neck protector at PP2 and I got that nice nasty hot shot to the neck the welted up like a baseball. And everytime I don't wear gloves I get a nice shot to the fingers.
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Mask and goggles are it for me. I occasionally wear a neck protector, but I haven't in a while. I found that I need the extra cooling of an exposed neck in summer, plus I am a relatively large individual and I thought it was too tight and hampering bloodflow to my brain. I might go for a pair of gloves though. I'm tired of bleeding on my markers.
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