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they wont suddenly turn into real life creatures and eat your brains.

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I fail to see where your argument really supports making gun hits not count. If you don't want to get hit more than a couple times then shouldn't you advocate for gun hits counting?
Because I'm with Sam on this one, if I see my gun get hit, I'll even call myself out of a comercial field where they might not officially count gun hits.
Besides that, if I see you play on after I hit your gun. I'm more likely to just walk you and really hammer the trigger. If that ever happens I don't want to hear a complaint of "wah wah! You Overshot me!" or "wah wah, now I've got paint in my bolt!".

Besides those reasons. Another reason why I think gun hits should count is that I've seen comercial fields where they didn't count and from my experience it only increased the number of players who would try to blind fire.
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Gun hits should count... Guns are the best targets. I prefer the gun, and the hopper to having to shoot someone in other exposed areas.
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Originally Posted by D G
Should gun hits count in organized scenario play?

people tend to charge and keep shooting despite being hit, because they like to believe that paint is only breaking on their gun.
All equipment hits should count, simple rule to make the game safe and easier for all players to understand when you are out, what's next shoes? gloves? kneepads? goggle lenses?

I played over the weekend at a scenario game this was the most annoying thing I saw, hardcore players think it is acceptable to charge a player taking any number of hits and keep going to get that one kill.
I was above a red player on my side who was doing a great job of holding up the advance of a large number of blue players, one charged out on his flank got hit multiple times and kept going until he got the red player out. As soon as the red player put his arm up the blue player did the same, I guess he felt he got what he wanted from the move. This is blatant cheating and nothing else but, he gained some ground for the blue team, he gained alot of extra paintshots at him and if I find it on my video he (and his team) will also gain a negative reputation.

The best thing to happen to big scenario games is going to be the more common use of headcams, the more out on the field the more players will think twice about cheating. Being outed by your peers will certainly help reign in the idiots.
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I really haven't read any of this thread... but here's my opinion.

If gun hits don't count then what's next? Mask hits? Pod hits? Arm Hits?!

I feel that if you are hit anywhere on your person or equipment (and it breaks) you are out.

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I agree with most here that gun hits should count. The alternative is to open up even more opportunity for cheating, whining and exploit type tactics.

The "realism" argument against counting gun hits is BS. Just imagine a couple people with assault rifles going at it, does anyone honestly believe that someone will still be "fighting" after taking a string of fire to their rifle? Not likely.
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Gun hits should count. I've never played where they haven't counted. Besides, when I'm low on air I have to aim for hard stuff anyway, I'd rather hit their gun than goggles...Just for mere safety.


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Should count. Refs have a hard enough job as is, without adding in half a hit on hand half on gun. Or it breaks on gun and splatters onto hand. In REAL life, if you hit someones gun, it no longer works unless your extremely lucky.

You hit the barrel... barrel gets messed up and no longer fires properly. Hit the magazine, fun things happen. Think about it.

Refs have a hard job as is, usually because some middleaged SWAT guy is giving them guff only because the ref is 18.
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From what I understand of scenarios the idea is to mimic real life combat right? I say if you get shot in the gun, you cannot use that gun unless you can get it repaired. Just like having a medic, have gunsmiths. Your not dead, your not wounded your just unarmed. (unless you have a back up)

This may be overly complicated depending on the scenario, but if trying to recreate a battle situation how many soldiers would be useless if they got shot in the gun? Heck they could at least serve as decoys to waste the enemies ammo
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I'm not used to having gun hits count. I play at a field (basically same field my whole paintball career) and we've never had hits count. So when I go places I forget to call myself out on those.

To each their own... Just follow the rules of the field, and spell them out.

I honestly don't care if they count or not as a hit, just that most fields that DO have gun hits count, usually forget to tell you about it. Hence why I don't know about it until someone points at my gun and asked "why are you still playing?"


If I had my option, I'd play without gun hits. But that's probably because I play that way.

How about this... In Scenario, have gun hits count... but you only die if that's your ONLY gun. If you have a backup, then you drop your main weapon, and run around with your PGP or Splatmaster...

Now THAT sounds like an option.

EDIT: I see knightmare beat me to the punch on that idea...
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Hmm, only problem I can see if thats like giving an advantage to those that can afford carry a main and 2 sidearms, thats optentially 3 hits you can take and still play.
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