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D G 04-24-2006 01:16 PM

Gun Hits Rule in Scenario Play
Should gun hits count in organized scenario play?
- i've seen similar topics quickly degenerate, i'm asking a specific question.
- i don't care about outlaw field rules.
- i don't care about commercial recball/woodsball/speedball rules.
- my question pertains to a specific game format, scenario paintball.
I'm not setting up a poll or anything. I'd like to hear intelligent thoughts on the matter. If you see this same post on other forums, it's because i've decided to do my own little survey and would like a broad field.
Thanks in advance.


I'm going to present my opinion. I dislike fields that do not count gun hits. Here's why:

- overshooting is fairly common,. it's no malicious, it's to make sure that something goes past the shield (i mean, gun), connects with and breaks on the body.

- blind firing is a very common occurrence. very hard to enforce at an event where you may have several hundred players or more.

- there's a lot of "bunker tanking", by players sticking a barrel through some hole, effectively making themselves into a tank.

- "the splatter all over my arm is from the gun and that doesn't count" excuse is common.

- "you hit me in the gun first, i shot you, then you hit my body" excuse is common.

- people tend to charge and keep shooting despite being hit, because they like to believe that paint is only breaking on their gun.

- temper flare-ups (especially toward the end of the day), caused by who hit who first and/or overshooting arguments are more likely to occur.

- constant calls for paint-checks distract the refs. i realize that this is their job, but the games would go smoother and allow refs to focus on other important tasks if all breaks counted.

- "reality" argument. to me, it's non-sensical. if your gun is hit, then there's a good chance that you can't use it, making you useless. go to the dead box and come back with a "fixed" weapon.

* field owners like this rule because it brings in money

* inexperienced players like this rule, because they get to stay in the game longer

* players who just like to shoot like this rule, because they just get to mindlessly shoot. it's cool if it's their thing.

*in general, the "gun hits don't count" rule results in a lower skill-level game.

that's my opinion. i'd like to hear others.

ScrapIron 04-24-2006 01:31 PM

I think gun hits should count.
I've been in plenty of situations where the person is close enough that I don't want to shoot them.
But they're just out of reach to barrel tag them.
And I don't want to ask for a surender.
So then that hopper is looking pretty sweet!

When those situations arise I was in "gun hits count" games and it was fairly easy to plink their gun with 2 shots. Plus they usually see them hit their gun so there isn't much question that they're out.

Some people on other forums have talked about considering a format for scenarios where if a gun is hit they have to drop it, sling it, or holster it, but they could draw a back up piece if they wanted.
I really don't think that that is very feasable though in a big scenario, plus I like really simple rules.

oldschool 04-24-2006 01:36 PM


Robertsr 04-24-2006 02:29 PM

Strictly from a "better simulation" standpoint, I think that gun hits should definately count.

In any case, I don't believe that ever I've played a scenario where gun hits did not count.

OldGadget 04-24-2006 02:37 PM

Gun hits count .. if you got shot in the gun in real life you'd not be very effective
We are talking scenario imitating reality as closely as possible correct?


shartley 04-24-2006 02:42 PM

I feel gun hits should count as well. And they DO on my private field. In fact I take myself out of a game at a commercial field if my marker is hit too.

Chappy 04-24-2006 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by ScrapIron
Some people on other forums have talked about considering a format for scenarios where if a gun is hit they have to drop it, sling it, or holster it, but they could draw a back up piece if they wanted.

If this were feasible, that would be my preference. But there's no way to regulate it in a huge scenario format.

For all the reasons you stated, gun hits should count.

jhyan 04-24-2006 02:59 PM

I've only played with one group that gun hits didn't count... and they played only torso/head shots counted (they are the types who just want to shoot like crazy... at first, you were only out when you had enough, until i talked some sense into them!)

I like the idea of losing the use of your gun in scenarios, kinda like a fencing game we used to play at the end of practice, where if your arm got hit you cant use it, same with a leg. I think SCA does something like that as well. If everyone played that way in a scenario then it would be cool, but for regular stuff I think gun hits always count.


Fluff 04-24-2006 03:10 PM

I have never been in a scenario where gun hits counted. Granted I have not everywhere. If you put the reality situation into it, one of my former teammates put it quite well at one time. If you have a situation with limited ground i.e 30 acres, for a round figure, and %100+ casualty rate with hundreds of people on the ground at any given time and unlimited fresh troops, after an hour or so you will not be able to sneeze without stepping on a functional weapon. As far as Bunker tanking, that is a good chance for flanking or using special weapons. I know most scenarios have a rule where you hit a bunker with a bazooka it is taken out with everybody in it.

everex5 04-24-2006 03:34 PM

I think that in big games like that... gun hits should not count. Each player is responsible for their own actions and control of themselves. I shoot in 3 round burst only when I have to.. and thats it. If it hits my gun... then I adjust so that the next one does not hit my body. IE.. what if you are on a wall, firing at someone and a ball hits your barrel but is not even close to hitting you? You shouldnt be out for that... and now you know where the paint is coming from and have a good idea of what the spread of the field is like. I think that being hit by a paintball helps you learn from your mistakes and become a better player. Now... being overshot sucks... but again... control over yourself and your equipment. (field should enforce this as well... I think anything more than 2 balls broken on someone is VERY extreme.. I dont care what the situation is)

But I do understand that in real life... gun hits are a bad bad thing.

I guess it depends on your style. Paintball guns will never be close to real firearms... it wont happen. As far as I am concerned... its the same idea as video games on TV.. they wont suddenly turn into real life creatures and eat your brains.

Paintball is a game, and eventhough it is fun to dress up in camo and run around with kind of realistic looking paintball guns.. they arent real.

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