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Originally Posted by Shane-O View Post
Note that the large round chamber on the back is for 2 9 volts only, all the important stuff in in the body. And there is no airline, its direct from the bottomline thru the grip into the body. Take that SP! This was developed starting in 94 IIRC.
During the attack on ICD by SP, ICD actually called Mike/CCI to court to discuss the Revolution, and how it invalidates everything SP claims.

So I'd assume SP does at least KNOW they are a bunch of frauds. But they have the money, and training to do whatever they want I guess.

"the evidence strongly suggests that neither Billy nor Adam (Smart Parts) could have invented the electronic paintgun" -Garr M. King, U.S. Judge
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It looks to be the same one that was photographed during a recent factory tour (posted by Chefdave on The PhOG):

No idea if this is THE Revolution that is mentioned in all the stories about how he sold it then bought it back immediately, but it is cool nonetheless.
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If it's not the Revolution that was at the field on Saturday, then it's an identical replica.

I do love how the Revolution preceded everything SP could ever think of, even patenting the gas-thru frame last year.
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You can't imagine how badly I want to fingerbang that marker. Stories I've heard were that Mike wasn't happy with the performance and elected not to produce them. Who knows the story about how some were sold?
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There is at least one black ano'd one in existance as it was used in the add that was in APG waaaaay back in the day.

Very very cool guns. I wish Mike would decide to produce them.

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Are we going to assume the obvious, and pretend that Mike didn't proceed towards production just because he didn't like how it performed?

Something about that just doesn't seem right. And the fact that SP existed during that time, so did WGP, and PPS and possibly others who might have contested the then poor little Mike, might have some bearing on the truth.
Tell us Mike. Tell us the truth.
We can handle it.
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I think Mike realizes that he makes a product that has sold for the last 25 years, and will continue to sell into the future, with basically no improvements. He has no need to change anything he is doing, experiment with things, or get involved in the politics of corporate paintball. He will make Phantoms, we will come. Why mess with that?

I personally think the absence of a CCI barrel kit and the centerfeed body lacking any sort of proper feedneck, for example, support my ramblings.
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Well the story goes that he made 12 of them, and was showing them at a tourney. When people started offering stupid money for them, he sold some and later on was regretting it, as he's a perfectionist and wasnt totally happy with it, and bought them all back, except for the 2 that got away. This is Sal's account as he remembers it, so it may not be 100% accurate, but I am sure its very close.
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well he did recently change the stock barrel bore from .691 to .687 of .688.

been meaning to talk to him about making a limited run of .680 or so barrels.
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Well, I have posted my account on here somewhere else... and yes I did hold this gun...and I pulled the trigger, but it wasn't aired up. When he shot it, he aired it up with a 12ie and no paint at his booth, then he degassed it and took off the breech and cycled it. I don't know about any microphone but the bolt cycles without air.

Originally Posted by slowerpig81 View Post
Ummm...The revolution is electronic. I'll find some pics.

Those are all the pics I can find.

Here is how I saw it operating:
In the back, there is a compartment for 2 9v batteries, with a screw on cap. The air is bottomline gas through grip. The bolt is operated by a motor/servo. Think of the back 1.5 inches of an automag twistlock barrel, and this is what the bolt is. It is a cylinder with a hole to load the paintball, and it also has a plastic insert that is a sizer for paint. When the trigger is pulled, air is released (I don't know how this is accomplished) and goes though holes at the rear of this bolt, and fires the paintball. The bolt then rotates clockwise so the hole in the bolt lines up with the powerfeed, and then rotates counterclockwise back into position, and the gun is ready to fire again. Mike said he never put it into production because he had some "problems" with it, probably either the mechanism malfunctioning, or the bolt chopping paint because there were no hoppers that could keep up at the time. That's certainly not the case now, but there are much better electronic designs. He also is a pump guy, so the electro Phantom was not really in his spirit.

There. You have been blessed with knowledge. One of the Photobuckets that those pics are from has many more of inside CCI.
Originally Posted by slowerpig81 View Post
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