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A day of Play, Post your own!

Since I am bored I figure I would post a little tidbit about a game that happened 4 or 5 years ago.

I was playing at my local field and I was kinda bored. I noticed that the owner had a few PGPs in the gear box by the table so me being me I asked him if I could rent one. So here I am 5 bucks poorer later and its a new game. We are on a "Hyper Ball" field and its a pretty uneven split. We have the me and a couple other regulars mixed with newbies vrs the the field sponsored tuerny team. Even more fun it is REFFED by other members of the afore mentioned team.

Off the break i bolt up the left tape toward the tuerny ballers. I get 3 quarters of the way across the field to a diamond shaped bunker and I dig in tight. I notice that a couple of the opposing players are at teh back 2 stand ups just hosing the field. Funny part was their mid and front players where either even with me or hd passed me and no one had noticed.

Well here are the "pro's" just mercilessly beating on us rec players and newbies. I feel compelled to point out that the refs at this field usualy croned all their rental markers under 250 and let anyone with their own gear was allowed up to 290. Here I am some how blessedly forgotten or ignored as no threat with just a PGP and no refills. Well I notice that the gal with the Matix in the back stand up closest to me is shoting cross field and I have a perfect veiw of her shaply profile. I fire a shot and JOY I hit her dead in the Halo. Yaay me!

At this point the guy in the other stand up just hammers the Diomond I am in. Well a couple of minutes later, though to me it feels like an hour, its down to just me and 3 of the opposing team. One guy rushes past my diamond intending to shoot me. At this point I am basicly curled up half buried under the bunker and I happen to get one shot off. I got him in the pack as he ran by! Well the joy ended 2 seconds later when i got drilled in the top of the head from over top the bunker. OUCH!

Game 2 and I have only fired 2 shots for 2 eliminations so far. At the break one of the tuerny players posts on me and trys to get me out from the start. I make it about a 3rd of the way down the field when I have to take cover. At this point I notice one of them in the diamond I had made my temporary home last game. How dare they! Well I had a grenade in my pocket so taking a chance I lobed it at the intruder. Nothing but net. It landed right on his back and to my blissfull surprise coats him.

At this point the ref yells to the field owner who is also playing with a PGP only agianst me and the newbie/recballers.

What do I do if they throw a grenaid?
the responce.
Did any paint get on him?
the ref.
Ya he is covered with it.
The Owner ( I like this part)
Then he is out you F*&^(ng idiot!
Yaay got him out way to go me. So i bolt to the diamond and slide in threw the break in the side. SMACK I recieved 2 strings from 2 diffrent players. Guess they REALY didn't want me in there.

Game three and we move to the back spool field. They mix the field up a littlle more evenly now. Guess they got tired of beating up on us little people. Ok this is a big circle of grass with pallets and spools nothing fancy. So on the break I move up the left side. (I was having a not right kind of day, cant you tell?) I am at about the 50 when I notice one of the other players agianst me had moved past me. Well I shot him in the back. I proudly admit it. A few seconds later I notice this kids leg sticking out to my right toward the center of the feild. He is zoned in on some one in our back 40. Well I miss with my first shot so I repump and SPLAT right below the knee. I move to his bunker trying to get his friends out. As i move so does one of the newbies I was playing with before. Great we pass each other and he doesnt see me. Here he is laying out about 5 feet away his head and shoulders sticking out shooting toward the people I am currently teamed with. Delima! Do I just shot this young kid in the head, do I wait until he moves then backdoor him like the other guy, or do I try to get a surrender?

I stupidly tryed the surrender. Kid freaks! He scuttles back tighter behind his palet sticks his gun around the corner and lights me up 5 feet away! Needles to say I was a little horked off.

Game ends shortly after. All in all minus the 5 foot over shooting from a freaked out kid it wa a good day. One I will always remember. It wa also the day I lost the awe of a High FPS paintball gun.

So what about you? Do you have any stories relating to Stock Class Paintball vrs Semi's and Electros? How about a game where you utilized a grenade to good effect? If so please post them below.
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Here's my little story:

I was at a nice local field for the first time and it was also the first time I used my phantom at a public field against semi's. All in all it was a pretty good day except for getting bunkered quite badly and lit up (the guy later apologized, he was a nice dude) and a few cheaters.

In one game this guy says "who wants to try to make it to the 50?" and being stupid I said I'd try to. So, off the break I sprint up to a dorito on the fifty and proceed to get my bunker pummelled by almost every opposing player. I pop up and down and pop off a few shots and even manage to hit a guy on the tape. Well, the teams pick each other off until it's just me and some newbies on my team and one guy that was sponsored and all that jazz on the other team. After I find myself unopposed I move foreward but I hear some yelling off to my left. It was the ref pointing to a very unobservative jerseyed player. Unknown to me, this guy had forgotten I was there and was trying to pick off the newbies stuck in the far back bunker. Being all stealthy, I moved around the back of the field and shot the guy in the butt and won the game.

In another game at the same field I made the 30 matchbox. I wasnt tall enough to shoot over it but only around it so a guy was holding down the sides from my mirror. I made the luckiest shot. I jumped straight up in the air and shot in the general direction and gogged a guy in the very back of the field.

All in all, that was a pretty sweet day. Lots of guys commented on my phantom, mostly positive and there were some pretty funny remarks like 'where's your paint' and 'is that a scope on top of your gun?'.
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'is that a scope on top of your gun?
"You mean you have to pump it after every shot?"
You get all the goofy questions with a Phantom.
It's amazing that a few well placed ball past their head will keep them pinned just as well as 50 or 60 balls, and just think of the savings.
I was using my Phantom just this Sunday and was in the zone with my snap shooting, getting my buddy and his Nerve and my other buddy with his Impulse.
During the one game I was inside a wooden "stagecoach" with my son hammering the front and the Impulse shooting the right side. Well after sending balls towards the Impulse and not being able to come out all the way to get my son, I call down some support from the Nerve. Well with ramping crazy bps hammering off the Impulse's building, he starts telling me to take him and move on him. "Move on him, you got him", well at this point I was reloading my 12g and 10rds, "What are you waiting for move on him", still reloading. The Impulse gets taken out buy our far left front man and he also gets my son.
Walking up to reload for the next game, my buddy with the Nerve asks "Why didn't you move up when I had him pinned?", me "I was reloading, I only have 15 rounds, 15!"
He starts laughing and shaking his head, "Oh yeah that's right"
Playing with a mixed team can be lots of fun and far from regular style, we had it all Sunday from pistols and pumps to semis and electros. You need to compensate your play if you can't count on a lane to be hosed from a pump or a pistol player.
Maybe someday I'll tell you the story of me falling out of a tree and knocking my self out.
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