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I posted this on the LAPCO forum and on SCP so I may as well throw it up here too...yeah, I'm a little skeptical.

I've mentioned in a few posts that there is a backstory behind the SC Ghost. A lot of folks seem to believe that a reason for many of the delays with the release of this gun is due to the gun having to be designed and made from the "ground up". That is simply not true. LAPCO has had the majority of the parts manufactured and in inventory for years. Ever wonder why they chose to use Spyder barrels? Could it be because Spyders were still a hugely popular gun when the kit was originally designed in the late 90's?

So here's what I know and some bits that I have been able to dig up on the Internet Archive.

Seen on LAPCO's site Dec 7, 1998.

Seen here under "Ghost Retrofit Status Page"

The return of the Grey Ghost
Latest news and specs
As many of you know, LAPCO is bringing back the Grey Ghost. On September 28th, we began construction.

The timeline is to release the new Ghost after the first of the year, but before that we will release retrofit kits for older Ghosts, Wraiths, Spirits, Spectres and other Nelson based guns.

The kits are designed to replace the fixed barrel with a removeable barrel, and either Direct Feed (DF) or Stock Gun(SG) ball feeds.

The kits will not require tools to install.

They come with a new Center Section and a LAPCO Autospirit Spyder barrel (Aluminium). Depending on the configuration, model and age of your gun, the kit may also include a pump, pump arm, spring or spring spacer.

As of this date, October 2, We have 400 blank Center Sections ready.


* The Ghost/Wraith are Breech Drop guns. They have one pump arm.
* The Spirit/Spectre are Bore Drop guns. They have two pump arms.
* The Center Section is the part that holds the bolt/hammer assembly. The barrel screws into the front.
* Other guns can be adapted. Among them are:
o Outlaw
o Wintec pumps
o Many TASO pumps
o Line SI breech drops
o Nelson 007

There is no way to retrofit a Ranger...

Last seen on LAPCO's site on March 2, 2001.

Seen here under "Catalog, Pumpgun Parts"

Next year (this was on their site from 1999-2001), LAPCO is releasing a new set of retrofit kits that upgrade existing LAPCO Pumpguns. The kits add a removeable Spyder barrel with a Direct Feed or Stock Gun ball feed.

Following the release of the retrofit kits, we will bring back the Grey Ghost. It will have these features:

* Removeable Spyder barrel
* Direct Feed or Stock gun
* Bottom line
* Modern improvements
* Down the barrel velocity adjustment
* Safety
* Barrel Plug
* Custom engraving

The Stock Gun version will include a legal quick changer

So that's what LAPCO had on their website as of over 5 years ago.

Around 2002-2003 in LAPCO's pump forum, I even recall Colin categorically stating more than once that they would never produce the Ghost again (I imagine due to lack of market interest). Around that same time an outside company was in negotiations with LAPCO to buy up the SC Ghost parts. Their intention was to finish off the guns and offer them for sale to the public.

Some changes in the pump scene then began to take place. Earron Carter left Dye and the rumor was that he was retiring for good, Action Markers started to fade from the scene, WGP ceased production of the Sniper and their pump kits became increasingly hard to find, and the Sterling was near impossible to find or get support for. The SC Ghost deal with the outside company soon fell through when Colin backed out. I assume that Colin saw a good business opportunity there and decided to complete the Ghosts himself and offer them for sale. With a bit of fanfare, he announced on the LAPCO forum that "The Grey Ghost rides again" and that "Lapco will fill the void!" The news spread like wildfire.

Many of us jumped at the chance to own an updated version of LAPCO's legendary gun. Myself and others were ready to drop the cash for a Ghost sight unseen based on LAPCO's reputation alone. More than a few even put down cash to reserve one with dealers. That was almost 2 years ago and several deadlines past.

Since Colin's announcement, several more company's have risen to "fill the void"...the updated Carter Buzzard and updated Carter Comp have returned, CCM released the SS-25, the Redux is being developed, the new Sterling is coming (?), and aftermarket Sniper pump kits have become widely available. Meanwhile, LAPCO still seems to be stalled in producing a few parts to go with a retrofit kit that has been mostly complete for years. Even the prototype pics offered up have been disappointing IMHO.

Do I really care at this point? Not really, as they've lost me as a customer. But all of the hype that hits all of the forums everytime LAPCO announces yet another release date gets kinda old too. Also, despite what some may think LAPCO is not releasing the Ghost as a favor to the players. LAPCO is a business that sees a good opportunity to make a profit off of some dead inventory that they've had for years. It's a great business decision and I can respect that. Hopefully, they'll get a decent product to market sometime soon without alienating more of their customers. And maybe it will live up to the legend of the original Grey Ghost.
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^good post
...'cause bandaid's stuck on me!
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Originally Posted by JaKaL
^good post
Nice post Chefdave, good info!
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Yes, good post.
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Excellent research!!
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Supposedly, it shipped (again) yesterday...
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^i won't hold my breath, but i'll hope for the best.
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I'm seriously hoping they pull this through. I'd love to get my hands on a new Ghost.

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Thankfully I never sold my Ghost. I wanted a new Ghost till I saw the new one.
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The Ghost will be realesed just as soon as somone Figures out Sugerstumps time travel technology, and goes back in time to get some.
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