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" From the depths of hell led the blackest of fate!" It's alive! It's alive breath life into darkest of SC threads!" Err ok Nuff Cre, show us what you have learned over the past year amigo's.

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Originally Posted by russc View Post

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to shoot nothing.
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I'm a minimalist for tools and parts at the field. None of our guns ever break down on the field though. over ten markers in the team arsenal that I look after... some of em don't even get regular maintenance. of course, basically all of them I've built from scratch or heavily modified myself

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Originally Posted by Z-man View Post
This is the main box and the secondary box is a smaller version of the same thing. You can't go wrong having all of that stuff with you. I only ever need it when I DON'T bring it with me so to keep from needing any of this stuff I always bring it with me. LOGIC!
I bring that EXACT setup with me whenever I hit the field. I also bring my own full tool box with real paintball tools (like vice grips). I definitely don't attempt to minimize my needs. There is always something to fix, and a broken friends gun is as bad as my own gun being broken..
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Okay, I'm convinced that ApoC is actually Velcor, and that he lubes his guns with holy water.

My toolbox is a mess. I bought a nice big tackle box for the sole purpose of organizing everything nicely, and it's just a hodgepodge of hex keys, screws, grip panels, and phantom parts. And given it's size, it's a royal PITA to stuff into the gear bag. I need to get a few smaller boxes, and pack up individual kits for my main guns.
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As the only sc marker I have is my phantom, I carry all kids of different options for it.

I carry 2 sight rails, a ghost ring, an offset sight rail, a cp rail and ccm on/off, 7" of macro, a bba, rf body(just in case) a drop out changer, a complete set of internals, bottle of oil, and a lapco sc/oc adapter. As for my tool kit: set of detent rings, 3 new feedgates, all kinds of screws orings and seals, 2 spring kits, and an assortment of allen keys.
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I use an old tackle box from when I was in grade school. Used to have a lot more stuff in it but I cleaned it out.
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I don't carry much, I rather bring another gun than spend time fixing my gun. Plus I don't like working on a gun unless I have a mat and a nice setup. Otherwise it's just a good way to lose parts.
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Originally Posted by DSA View Post
I just finished putting mine together but my camera died.

I am just curious what you SC guys keep in you tool box to give you the edge.
Wait.... We're supposed to have tools?

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I see my post up there is a little dated. I now take a 25 lb craftsman toolbox with tools, and have a separate toolbox I just leave in the van full of parts. Rarely do I start a day without fixing multiple people's guns.
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I need to source some more Powertubes and springs for my box o' stuff.
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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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