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Originally Posted by 10-shot kid View Post
I talked with them when I went to the game in cali. If you ordered the cap in black I know they've been having a really hard time getting em in stock for some reason. I didn't probe deeper than that because I was playing.

good guy though, I'd be suprise if it was more than a supply issue. Califronia has been deep in the **** lately.
Thanks for the heads up. I am normally understanding of supply issues, but she ordered it a year ago. The lack of communication is what gets me.
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ouch, yea I coulda sworn they totally dicked things up at some point. Guess I was right.

Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
Why do you always have to be a douche
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I ordered one of the "mullet" things about three weeks ago; got it in a little over a week. I emailed them twice about it, once to ask when the camo might be expected, and got a reply that they didn't know in about two days. The second time was to complain about the deceptive write up for the new product. I thought it was the same as a turtle cap, just with cloth fabric covering the back of the neck instead of a brim. I read it carefully, and that's exactly how they want people to take it. In reality, it's nothing more than two layers of mesh fabric with a piece of foam that you have to trim to fit...and I nearly threw it away as packaging material when I opened the box it's so thin. It's a real POS for the money, not even a sweat band. It comes with this giant head band (.75" x 2.25", no joke) that feels like it has part of a pad you sleep on when camping inside of it. I didn't get a reply from that last email, and really didn't expect to. I just wanted them to change the description on the site, which they didn't.
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