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French. Good Mod.
Puzuma. Very Bad Mod.

That enough for you
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Back to paintball.
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Nothing lasts forever.

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I'm on a good 18+ forums, I visit here more than any of them all and tend to visit the more active ones more. Lately I've been busy so I just visit about a half dozen of them, MCB is first on the list. Spec ops is down towards the bottom though.
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Originally Posted by Hammy of Socal View Post
Puzuma. Very Bad Mod.

That enough for you
I agree. His experience in paintball seemed to not warrant being a mod on a paintball forum. The amount of kiddies that worshiped him for whatever reason.
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I try my best to be fair and not a douchebag. But i am only logged in from 1 am to 7 am. And not even at the keyboard most of that time, as i am working. So i have no control over how the day mods, or other mods that are on always act or say. I can't say i have always been nice. But i always try to give at least one freebie to people, and then be as nice as possible still after that, unless you really piss me off. I try not to be the nazi mod that everyone hates.

But yeah. It hasn't been the same. Membership has definitley declined, and as new people come, older people leave...that is how it is in every forum.

Am i defending what you guys don't like? Not at all. Hate SO as much as you want. It doesn't matter to me. Though i am a mod there, i haven't had the same love i used to have of the place over the last two years. Things did change...but like i said, that happens everywhere. Sucks, but it is true. I try my best to keep it running while i am on, but like i said, half the time i am working so i don't have time to jump on stuff right away...not like much happens at 4 am anyways.

If i wronged you, i am sorry. I truly try to be the most lenient mod there, i rarely ever warn people, and usually just move the post or hide it and tell the person nicely to grow up. But i can't say the same for other mods.

Tell us what you don't like, let us know so we can try to adapt or change what we need to. The forum exists for the players, not the mods. So tell us what you want or need. I can't promise i can change the world/forum, but i can at least try and get the point across to the other mods.
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Not that there was ever a real high level of discussion over there - it was a decent place to drum up interest in local games, but even that has really fallen off the map over the past few months.

Even in the general forums, there are only a handful of active topics - and a lot of them are just the general "what's best" type of questions anyway.

I doubt that I'll spend any more significant time over there - just doesn't bring a lot of value to the table.
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I used to post there all the time, really no particular reason why I don't now, I guess I just feel other forums are more useful to me at this point in time. I still check up over there a few times a month but there really isn't much going on there anymore, so its less of a priority.
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To be completly fair, I think it safe to say that almost all paintball related forums have seen a dropoff as of late.
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Originally Posted by punkncat View Post
To be completly fair, I think it safe to say that almost all paintball related forums have seen a dropoff as of late.
Yes, I've noticed this too. Maybe it has to do with the general state of the industry? Less people participating is probably going to translate into less people talking paintball on forums.
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Web traffic comes & web traffic all forums, SO has busy times & slow times. We're just on a slow cycle at the moment.
Content wise, I dont really see any difference between SO & any other major PB forum (exept for a slight emphasis on woodsball over speedball).

The SO forums have undergone some adjustments lately...some staff turnover, some topic re-organization & minor rule changes. I would encourage anyone who hasnt been over there in awhile to pop by & check it out.

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