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Decline of the Spec Ops Board

So I have been noticing more and more over the last few months that the Spec Ops boards have been in a state of decline. Now don't get me wrong, we all know that the board was a magnet for the "snipers" and for people looking for "mods that make sense", but there was also some good information and a very active forum population.

Well, over the past few months, there has been a general decline across the board (no pun intended) from quality posts, to even older (see: experienced) members posting. Whats basically left is a lounge where in essence the inmates are running the asylum. You rarely see any interaction from company employees any more, (minus Brian or Moati) which was something that was always nice when dealing with the people.

Case in point, there would be some days where there was 16 pages of new posts, and now some days have maybe 15-20 new posts.

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I used to read Spec Ops a fair bit, then I found MCB.
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Same for me...
But then I got banned for **** talking puzuma.
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IMO, there was a whole lot of elitism there. A lot of people that got REALLY up in arms if you didn't see things their way. I can't say that was what did them in, but it sure didn't help.
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It was always far from a place where I would want to spend my time.
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Originally Posted by Nigel View Post
I used to read Spec Ops a fair bit, then I found MCB.
MCB Feedback -
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I'd reside in the 'cocker and pump forums... then starting avoiding those, but getting some good news on Macdev stuff from Krazy8 over there.

The mods... very hit-or-miss. And the active ones tend to miss a lot. I made one mad a while ago for ****-talking Smart Parts, and backing up my argument to the T, so I got temp banned, and now he closes any threads I start. It's almost comical. Soooo... yeah. Here I am, and I'm not leaving.
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Yep, sure is. I don't really go there anymore. The mod staff has always been controversial.

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Feel free to tell me how I am as a mod there. I have always wondered how I have been viewed. But im not to active.
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Frenchy, you, Legs, MaJ Tom, and most of the store staff are pretty good in my book.
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Did the movie have a plot... were the actors good? I have no idea because I was enjoying the weirdness of the effects in my "enhanced" state and missed the rest.
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