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View Poll Results: Do you use a remote tank on a vest when you play
Yes 31 27.43%
NO 82 72.57%
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Some guns yes, some guns no. Pretty much if it has a stock and doesn't run on 12 grams/vert bottle CO2 (e.g. AT-85), the answer is yes.
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It really depends on what gun I am using at the moment. If I am using my Nastymag I run a remote on a vest, but if I sporting my VSC Phantom then I go sans vest.
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Maybe as soon as mOngo remembers to send me the Redux remote adpt. Muhuhahaha!

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When I would tech guns at Skirmish an easy way to fix most problems with guns on remote was to tell the person to ditch the remote and attach the tank directly. Most remotes suck.
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I like running a remote now, after a couple years of mixed success. Slide checks suck, so I put a CP on/off/purge on my remote which makes it really easy to turn on & off behind my back. No more pulling guns off of tables.

To offset the weight of the vest, I run only 4 100-round pods max. It helps me use less paint. The hydration bladder is another +1 for the vest.

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I'm an air on gun kinda guy.
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I used to use a vest to carry a tank, 2 liters of water and pods.. but after a while i just concluded it was better to carry tank on gun and put a water bottle in one of my pod holders and then just cut a straw so it just barely fits inside with the lid closed, that way its still accessible and you dont have to lift your mask to drink as we all know thats a no no. Whenever I get low on water, paint or air I just go for a suicide run for refills.
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I use a vest to carry my 68 or 88/4500 tank (depends which gun I'm using, and how much paint I'm carrying) and also use a remote. If its my A5 and the field is really big, I tend to rock 8 or more 140 round pods and my 88 tank (since the A5 is not a poster marker for air efficiency), just so I can remain out on the field longer without having to go all the way back to staging to reload again. Or I'll rock the TM7 or SP1 with fewer pods (4-6 generally) with the 68/4500 and play lighter and sneakier.

I stick to straight-up Mil-Spec tactical gear for no reason other than I've found it holds together a LOT longer than most of the crap that some companies try and market as paintball gear. My $20 Condor-brand MOLLE vest has survived the last 2 years with minimal wear while every Special Ops Paintball brand vest I've owner (3 at least) has shown major wear or had a total failure of some kind within 3-5 days of play.

My current setup is a Condor MOLLE vest, with Opsgear-brand 140 round MOLLE pod pouched and an Opsgear MOLLE tank pouch. Everything holds very secure and I can add or remove pouches at will if I want to run lighter/heavier.

As for the remote, the trick is to use a coiled remote with some kind of cover. I have a few MARPAT camo'd cordura covers for my lines and they NEVER get tangled or caught on anything. You tend to notice them a bit when you're shooting from your weak side out of a bunker, but they still stretch enough where it doesn't really impede you. For me, I've tried running with the tank on the gun, and its just not for me. I like a rearward weight balance but the tank is just too much weight on the rear of the gun and its the carrying it around when I'm not immediately engaged in a firefight that really kills me, particularly my wrist which has an old tendon/ligament injury from back in high school.
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I used to when I played with my A5, tank on back with a remote coil.

Have since change the marker I play with and run it with the bottle on marker as my stock.
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