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To all Woodsball/Scenario Players

when you play the big games and regular games do you use a remote line to your tank. If you do do you have a remote tank do you use a special vest?
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I don't use a vest, but after checking some out over the weekend, I really really see the appeal to them for large games.

Extra carry paint and a nice remote, and even a water pack? Yeah.. I see the appeal.
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Of the hundreds of scenario players I know, I would say about 10% use vests, and even less use remotes. Remotes, especially coiled remotes, suck big in thick wooded areas. I know a ton of people that used to use vets or remotes, but most decided it was pointless and stopped wearing them.
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I run my E-Triggered A5 on a remote. My UTG vest holds 8 pods plus vertical tank and hydration pouch, handy for long games.
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Currently I run a 114 on a remote. I use a vest when the weather is cool enough for it. When it's hot, I drop it into a kamel pack. Stainless steel hose. no braided for me. Don't have TOO much trouble with it snagging on branches.
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I used to run a remote and a Spec Ops vest. And when I ran a Milsim gun it was a must. Now for the most part if I use a semi I run air on gun. Or pump so I don't need the extra weight any more. I do miss the radio pouch being high up on the chest. I have a Camel back for carrying water but I try to stay light and fast. Feyd.............
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remote tanks were popular back when everyone used massive 3k tanks, now with 4.5k tanks commonly available remotes are not as needed.
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I wear a belt, and put a tank in there as a spare. Rarely do I use a remote.
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