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Great job jincay. I loved this vid. I laughed. I cried. I died.
Originally Posted by Mstrtal View Post
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now I want a splatty
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I have to say, for my first duel, it was a blast. It was incredibly intimidating standing there on the sidelines watching everyone attempt to blow each other away (except for Renegade, who should be renamed Leon, he looked that professional). Getting out on the line, the Splatty takes up all of your concentration since it's such an involved *cough*silly*cough* process to cock, having never held one in my hands before. It was fun, regardless!

See you all at PIU!
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Originally Posted by jincay View Post
"WHY is that guy licking Criticals pants?"
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Originally Posted by spydrmn View Post
Great video. I love the Ting Tings bit.
I also like the Imogen Heap remix on the back half.

*queues up Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise remix of Hide & Seek*
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I think the "O.C." and SNL did a great favor to Imogen Heap's career with those two scenes.
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Originally Posted by Epic_Scotsman View Post
now I want a splatty
Now doing leather work! PM for quote.

Originally Posted by danssoslow View Post
I was lucky to get it up with my boy's help.
Originally Posted by Rocket Surgery View Post
Pump ninja in a kilt.

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That was awesome! Thanks for sharing
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