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Paintball Chess set Idea

Ok so i am planning on making 3 or 4 chess sets out of paintball related parts
and either raffling them off with proceeds going to something good for everyone ... not sure yet ... are there paintball related charities? maybe seed money for the open source marker project? food/drink for Spring caslte?

I plan on powder coating each side accordingly and adding some felt or cork to the base of each piece as for the board... not 100% sure yet it would be cool to keep it paintball related but I'm having a hard time coming up with something flat i can create a board from Pod lids? revy shells? ....theres always wood... probably 2 types of wood with contrasting colours....

anyway i plan on using cut in half 12ies for the pawns...which i have under control but the rest of the pieces i need

here is a list of what I'm thinking:

Kings - maybe valve set ups? mag? Sheridan? Maybe sets of Neu's would be cool any other ideas?

Queens - Regs preferably 3 of the same type....the more ornate the better i think

Bishops - duck bill ASA's?

Knights - not totally sure on these ones maybe barrel plugs? any ideas?

Rooks - i was thing ing mag bolts or feed necks

Donations would be best to keep costs low more profits to the cause and less to the build
I will cover shipping and can possibly come up with some cash

I plan on selling tickets in the 3-5 dollar range.....

Any help with pieces or just your input is much appreciated

"If life gives you lemons you say F@#k the lemons and bail"

IF you have every done buisness with me could i bug you for a little feedback?... I allways forget to ask
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I have an automag valve that you can have. It does/will not work (it was from the trade in program agd use to have...they may still have it). just lmk where to send it to if you want it.
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You should be able to find lots of broken view loader lids for some flats, unless they have all hit the trash.

IDK how long a paint ball would last if you put in a block of acrylic, but real paintballs like that as pawns would be good. That would let you 'brand' your pawns too. That would let you save the 12ies for the bishops. The battle would start with paint.

For that matter, you could cast a few things in acrylic to render them more playable.

Air America raptor reg backs would be good rooks also, maybe cheaper than mag bolts (depending).

I could recognize a block of cocker pneus as a knight, they're always different and complex shapes.
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just a suggestion, but for the board put reballs between a piece of something and plexiglass on top. you can use 9 balls to make a square, and alternate colors. squares would be ~ 2"sq.
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