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It's not like there's a whole lot of chicks in paintball either...
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Oh but the ones that are there...
MicroMags 'R Us

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The fine line is the important part. Paintball isn't a TOTAL sausage festival.
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Off-topic, cjottawa, have you ever been shot in the foot/toe with sandals on? It seems like a ball could pull off a toenail.

On topic, I have never played airsoft, but I'd love to try to play like a paintball player. Sliding, diving, snapshooting, et cetera. It seems to me (from youtube vids I've seen) that most airsoft people play really loose and lame.
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I'd play airsoft if there were people doing anything other than re-enacting the middile east.

Where are the guys RPing John Woo characters or playing real life Warhammer 40k?
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Originally Posted by paintsoldier View Post
...have you ever been shot in the foot/toe with sandals on? It seems like a ball could pull off a toenail.
This is how my buddy pretty much always plays. He's been hit in the feet several times, and says it's not nearly as bad as shots to the fingers.

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Originally Posted by Dr. Isotope View Post
The only advantages to airsoft are that the guns are cool and the ammo is dirt cheap. Airsoft's entertainment value is well below a Nerf battle, IMO.
For the record, Nerf wars are incredibly fun. A few friends and I got some cheap single shot pistols from wallly world, and some packs of 30 darts. Then we took our guns apart and did the usual modifications (removing air restrictors, teflon tape on the plunger, rubber bands). Then we went to a park and had a blast. They are fun because you can fool around with them in public since they are very clearly toys.

Over all a great time, if a little silly.
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Originally Posted by Drum View Post
I have said it before and I will say it again... there are no chicks in airsoft.

Just a bunch of boys playing guns.

Well, I have to disagree. I was out paintballing with my team the other weekend and there was a group of airsofters out there in the woods too.

I looked over to see a couple hot chicks in safety glasses running around shooting airsoft with the guys and giggling... then I looked at my group of hairy dudes covered in paint and secretly wished I was over playing with the ladies.
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Originally Posted by cjottawa View Post


We're grown adults shooting each other with paint-filled gelatin spheres. How often have any of us thought "wouldn't it be cool if we could rent an entire mall and use it as a field?" Nerf lets you play in public where you wouldn't otherwise be able to with paintball gear.

I havent seen a beltfed paintball gun in the 60 dollar range ... evar
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I've only played twice, but I'm not a fan(and not just because half of the games I've played ended in me doing first aid on a kid who eventually lost his clarity of vision as a result of using safety glasses instead of a mask). It seems like a bunch of people who take things way way to seriously and while trying to be super realistic manage to look and act nothing like real operators(more like playing a video game then a real situation which is fine except that these guys go nuts about how realistic it is and are super anal about stuff). I find paintball to be more fun to play and defiantly enjoy the more laid back attitude.

I'll add my vote in there for the nerf is awesome though.

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