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Custom Jersey manufacturers

The GLR are working on a new team Jersey design, prevoulsy we used eye2eye, who I was happy with but others on the team are not so keen. Our friends on Rag tag Renegades have just got some very nice Jerseys from Xternal, but they cost more.

Anybody else have any custom Jersey makers to recommend, we are looking for the ability to order individually off a base design with custom names and numbers etc.
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Check the product review section, I seem to remember one where several members got their jerseys done.

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Animal Paintball | Welcome I've had several of thier jerseys over the last four or so years and I have always been happy with them.
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We used animal to make our custom Jersey's. They will work with you to create or as in our case we totally designed our own and they made it. They charge an original design setup fee, and then keep it saved for single and low number orders @ a fairly decent price. They are a dye supplimation jersey maker not printed even for names and numbers I will PM you pics of ours for your own judgment.

On a team prior to that we used projoy hockey jerseys. They also do dye supplimation (spell??) and are great for a physically larger team. I can get pics of a Jersey from them if you wish Pm and ask for it.

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Trust RagTag, we know all! haha!

We went through the "what company to use" thing too. There are not a ton of choices really. What was the issue with Eye2eye?
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And I really like the current GLR jerseys.
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eye2eye did a great job for us, and got them to us super fast. i would use them any time!
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Raza does awesome work.


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Check out Flooded Studios. We have got our jerseys done through these guys and nothing but great things can be said about the work that they do. Defiantly worth checking out!

Flooded Studios
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