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Try fish tank heaters. That might work...
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For polishing, it's a lot of work, but I just got a $5 assorted wet dry pack of sandpaper and worked up to the 1500 grit (from 220! ugly marks). As long as you don't pit anything with your stripper (and ano), any time spent on making the surface pretty is a good investment. If you have the time and get good at ano, I would consider sending stuff out for polish with someone with cloth wheels and buffers.

I've read that the target for the ano tank is 65 to 72 deg F. I was confused by the heater references at first, being in Houston.

I used a larger tub around the acid tub and an ice bath, but I got behind and my temperature got too hot anyway (poor current control too).

I'll probably look for a couple of fish tank heaters for the few months of winter for the ano and the non-summer months for the stripper and etch baths.

I will add that I'm sticking with ano-friendly grades of aluminum (6000 and 7000).
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Try this page and book, its cheap

Anodizing Aluminum

I bought this a few years ago to try it at home, I can make copies or buy it if you want. These guys use big coolers to hold the temp, rubber gloves are a biggy and keeping everything from contaminating, the battery chargers dont hold amperage well and this guy also uses temp regulators. Check it out
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you do not want to heat up your anno tank, you want to keep it cool.

your dye and sealers are the warm parts.
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lye stripper likes to be warm too. Just about 110F, which is just below scalding temperature from your hot water heater. I've just been mixing it in warm water and using it, but I need to get a heater to re-heat it so that I won't have to handle the tub.

Besides temperature, ano varies so any times for stripping you see are just guidelines. You have to keep checking the stripper progress if you want to strip "just enough". Mine has been slow to start with progressively more fizzing. Ten minutes has stripped all but the meanest crevice of ano from my pieces.
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Brass N Wood Fan
Palmers Fan
Originally Posted by tesguy View Post
now throw it in the oven at about 500 degrees for 30 minutes, and see what you get
...sorry... i had to
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you need a cleaning step in between your etch and anodize
when you etch the aluminum you are attacking the surface to remove the old anodizing
this bring a lot of smut the the materials surface that need to be removed before anodizing
a HOT (almost boiling) soap bath might be enough to do it.

for anodizing 6061 aluminum you preferably want to keep your anodizing bath are 70 degrees F
and keep the solution moving
take PVC pip and frame the bottom of your tanks with it, drill holes about every inch in the pipe where it will be on the bottom of your tank then plumb in an air line through a ball valve so you can control the airflow when you are anodizing turn the air on to agitate the tank.

your tank line up should be

hot etch
cold water rinse
hot soap cleaning
cold water rinse
inspect surfaces with a swab to make sure smut has been removed
sulfuric acid anodize 70 degrees F with agitation (time depends on your rectifier)
cold water rinse
spray rinse all holes that may trap sulfuric acid (or it will bleed out when you dye)
re cold water rinse

dye HOT almost boiling again with air agitation this will give you a more consistent dye coverage

water rinse

and seal in almost boiling water

remember finding and controlling the correct time temp and voltage for your setup will be key to a good finished product

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I found my old 10 amp RC nicad charger last night (Tekin BC100). I cooked a test wire with it. It has meter "holes" and seems to be adjustable for about 3.5 amps to 10 amps. They went for about $8 on RC forums a few years back, but idk how common they are now. It should be the right size for my paintball parts. I found some other goodies too like sheet aluminum and a 12vdc water pump. I'll have a small setup, but the price is right.
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Well thanks for all the awesome advice. I plan on giving it another go this weekend, and I will take some more pictures and post them up. I hope we see some improvements.
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ih8cocnuts recommended a great book (even my dumb A$$ owns a copy). Same guy also sells supplies. You can try caswell,they sell a stripper called cuastic soda and also sell a video and supplies.
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