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Tips for Pump Left Handed

Got my lovely CCM S6.. I'm just having trouble with playing pump left handed.

I can use my Vice or Marq left handed no problems but it just feels so awkward when I play pump in my off hand.

I can pump and A/T easily if I'm sitting in a chair but when I stand and try to move while pumping and shooting.. I tend to not complete the stroke.

Any tips for getting more consistent? Is it even a good idea to run and gun with A/T pumps?
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Hmmm, i don't know what to tell ya. I play pump as a lefty (I do not have A/t). but if it was me i would just practice shooting left handed standing up. take each pump stroke slowly and watch how you do it, then slowly start to speed up. then start to use A/T
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running and gunning with A/T pumps is perfectly fine.

i can only say just keep practicing, and mainly focus on snap shooting. since it might take a lil longer to per-fect pumping and moving left handed, try focusing on when you really need to switch hands.

also, switching hands while you... *clears throat*... might help haha just kiddin
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Nothing to do but practice. I tend to just run and gun right handed with pumps, no sense fumbling around left handed if you are just no good at it. I mean if you aren't going to hit anything, might as well just make your bunker quicker and set up to snap.
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its just takes practice. I can shoot my pumps with both hands.
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Practice practice practice! At first when I started trying to shoot pump with my off-hand I was the clumsiest thing ever. Couldn't aim worth crap, and I couldn't rapid fire to save my life. Now it's not so bad. I still prefer my right, naturally, but I'm getting MUCH better. Just don't try and avoid those situations where you'd need to use your left. Pretend you're not handicapped and just do it. Eventually you'll be a lot better at it, and you won't even notice it happened.
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How about putting in a stiffer return spring on the pump arm when practicing? It will force you to pump harder and when you do go back to your normal setup. It will probably increase your speed as well.

I noticed a vast improvement in my pump play when I used a PGP(which had a stiff, bindy stroke) for a while and went back to a sniper.
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Don't worry about speed. you're shooting a pump, work on your accuracy and over time you'll get better. Try to play leftie as if it was your main side for as long as you can bear it.

I found practicing at home helped a bit but really what matters is how you are under fire.

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Just play off handed for awhile, unless you need to shoot right handed out of a bunker. But just play mostly left handed, it will become second nature.
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Don't bother, accept you are going to lose sometimes

You people are far more off-hand coordinated then I am apparently.
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