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What's Your Favorite Still Produced HPA Tank?

The only tanks I've used recently are Crossfires and some generic brand. I feel like the Crossfires are too big and expensive and the generic brand's neck (?) has a nice crack in it and it's only a year old.

So, I would like to hear some input on what you people use and why you like them. I've heard good schtuff about Ninja tanks. On the other hand I've heard stories about people becoming enlightened like Buddha with GA tanks, but I've also heard stories about the reg spontaneously asploding internally. I'm looking at the G2s, but have heard neither good nor bad about them. I haven't heard much about PE and WGP tanks other than to stay away from them for whatever reason. CP tanks are just too expensive for my taste no matter how good they are.

If a mod thinks this is better in the "Ask the Experts" section I won't complain.
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Ninja. I have only used a few different tanks though, but my Ninja tank really is the best I have seen/used.
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Heebs Feedback
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whatever is cheap and available
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Originally Posted by Gogged_Gurl View Post
whatever is cheap and available
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MCB feedback (Thanks Longbeard)
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I doubt you are going to get much of an informed consensus on this one. Crossfire would be a perfect example. Crossfire has purchased tanks from Carleton, SCI, Luxfer, and a few others I don't remember right now. I believe they are currently producing their own now though. Most of the other "brands" purchase their tanks from outside sources as well.

Regulators, are of course another matter.
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I love Crossfires. Their regs are pretty much bomb proof and have great recharge. The brass threads are awesome! On the downside, they are a little big and heavy but nothing else comes close in terms of durability in my opinion. If you are looking for rental tanks, don't bother with DXS/Pure Energy/Ninja. Anything with aluminum threading is a joke for long term durability, and PE despite using a brass bonnet, can't figure out the whole quality thing when it comes to the rest of their reg. Crossfire also does in-house rehydro with reg swap discounts, and make their own fiber tanks.
Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
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I'm with russc. I had a couple flatlines just cause they were AGD but having them permanently stuck to the markers got old fast. I also own a GA Myth, but I am terrified of the the day it's gonna break, and blow my macro. For everyday screw it on and play it will always be Crossfire for me.
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I love my GA tank. I have the peanut version and it works flawlessly.
I dislike DXS tanks because their regs are HUGE
CP tank I dont like or dislike, but the GA provides self evident advantages over the cP.

Stay away from Pure energy ALWAYS

Now, my fav tank ever was me Tuffskin nitro duck tank, and I actually saw one with a recent hydro! Couldnt find where I could get a new one though.
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ninja for sure.

best reg we have tested. GA was a joke.
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