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Blazer or E-spyder. (I know, worlds apart)
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CO2 mandatory, Army idiot proof, wants a sight on it....

I don't think you can make a better list for why he needs to be looking at a Tippmann.
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Originally Posted by infamoussmiley View Post
Smiley 98 assault rifle. How soon does he want it?

I would second this. A 98 with RT and Cyclone is exactly what you need. Fast, no problem on CO2, idiot proof. The old 98 Trigger groups just scream with an RT system.

The only other gun I can think of would be a BT blowback with their E-trigger. I wouldn't shoot one but they work fine with no upgrades on non-antisiphoned CO2 in full auto.
Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
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A BT4 with an egrip is a great idea. They're cheaper and built better than 98s.
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Definitely get an RT 98 Custom.
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E-cocker + remote Co2 tank with stabilizer and bottom line stabilizer.

Plus the old non-adjustable LPR and HPR so he cant mess it up

I also like the PPS blazer idea.
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you guys need to realise that he has no paintball experiance. so anything with cocker type pneumatics or blazers are out.... way to complicated.

Smiley I am all ears.... Pméd you back.

I will try to talk him into a tippmann maybe with an e-grip or if smiley comes up with something maybe that route...
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Originally Posted by aaronlecain View Post
My former boss called me today looking for a paintball marker. He doesn't know much about paintball so he gave me these guidelines:

*Must be CO2 powered
*Accurate (I told him get a good barrel)
*High rate of fire
*ease of use / put a tank on and go (no tuning)

what should I recomend? I have been playing pump for so long that I don't know what’s out there that’s co2 powered semi....

he has been told to stay away from tippmann by a local paintball shop so he is now against them. I can try but I don't know what to expect from him.

He will be using this as a training aid for reacting to an ambush. him being the ambush.

thanks guys.
This whole anti tippmann thing pisses me off "GTFO nub tipman is T3H suxorz" that seems to sum up the highly intellectually anti tippmann argument.
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BT PaintballBT-4 Combat ERC -$230 with e-grip and Ripclip add air, mask and batteries and your ready to rock and roll.
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I am all for Tippmanns but a guy from a local shop told him that tippmanns were crap as they have started to send work to china. I will have to undo the damage that has been done.... I would love to see a tippmann in his hands. If he takes it appart there is only one way to get it back together.... if he takes a blazer, autococker, mag, or anything else that needs to be tuned he will be lost.

thanks for the cander so far. I just wasn't sure if there were any new markers out that could run co2.

I will have him take a look at:

x7 phenom (it would be interesting to see anyways)
any tippmann with electronic or RT trigger.
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