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One in the Pipe!
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Player profiles

Eric from Easy Co. Start date Nov 1990.
First toury Goldrush Series at Hot Pursuit.
First bad *** ever encountered on the field of battle " Kenny King" of King Cobra!
First gun Tippmann 68 Special.
First pump, traded my 68 for a Line SI Bushmaster.
Started Easy Co with Bud King, Ken Mcpherson and Andy Shawcroft. Toppeled Cobra for Co State Champions in 91 to become Colorados premier team of the 90's.
First NPPL Dallas 92, sponsored by Montneel Design and destroyed the FL Terminators with Z1's.
Currently a member of Team Redux.
Best day of paintball Eric, Mongo, Tucker and my son Zack playing D-Day 2009.

MCB handle = Drill Sergeant Alfaro, US Army 87- present!

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Originally Posted by russc View Post

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to shoot nothing.

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Tom from Bang Gang
First Tourney: Battle of Westport, Concept field on the Town Softball Field, Westport, IN 1989........1st Place
First bad *** ever encountered on the field of battle: Rob Erwin from Louisville Riaders
Fisrt Gun: Brass Eagle Nightmare Long Barrel
First Pump: See Above
First National Event Played: First NAPPSA Nationals 1993 Placed 2nd in 5-man & 8th in 10-man.
Co-Founder of the Indiana Captains Council Tournament Series that ran from 1996 to 2004.
Currently: Coach of Indianapolis Mutiny, USPL Pro 7-man & Capt. of Indy Mutiny Pump

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Master Blasters NY
1st Tourney 1st air pistol open Survival NY 1986 6th place
1st NY State Champion 1988
1st major 4th PMI National Championship 1989 Skirmish Pa. 1st. Place
/Capt Master Blasters one of the top woodsball/15-10 man teams in the history of the sport
First Bad ****ever encountered Spud Jackson Lords Of Discipline
First marker-Nelspot 007 no pump
Captain of Master Blasters from 1987-1996 Team became Ground Zero and then NYXtreme
Owner of Action Sports Outfitters Creator of the Howdy Bolt the first velocity adjustable bolt assembly for Nelson Based guns and the JT Goggle Fan among other things
Played in more tourneys than I can even remember with the Blasters as well as several industry teams and as a merc. for many of the old school pro teams
Co. Captain of Captain Bo Peep and his Flock of Sheep an industry Team to promote Paintball consiting of Myself,Jim Anderson,Rene Boucher,Dave Youngblood,Daryl Trent,Joe West,Marty Tripes,Gary Harris,Ron Kilbourne,Jerry Braun and several others the first US Team to play in a major tourney in Europe(Mayhem Masters)
Original founding member of the NPPL and chairman of the original NPPL rules Commitee
currently a member of RT's Raiders Scenario Team and the newly reorganized Master Blasters of NY
Best Day of Paintball-Every Day of Paintball
Should I continue ?
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Corp Por, Kal Vas Flam
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I played a stock class tournament when I was 16. It was on the North Shore, Hawaii at the Turtle Bay Restort (behind the golf course, in the woods). Dont remember the name. It was 3 on 3. My friends and I made a team named Odyssey and took 2nd in novice. We won 100 round pods.
First time playing was at Kualoa Ranch field on Oahu, Hawaii. I used a rental VM68 with 9ox bottle below the barrel.
First marker BE Stingray! I still have it.
I once played paintball with the original white power ranger from the original power rangers series.
I have been to a michael jackson concert. He flew out of the stadium at the end.
Best day of paintball: I think it was my 13th or 14th bday at Kualoa Ranch, fond memories.
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Needs new knees
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Shane Kinzel
First tourney: Total Grief Beginners tourney ST Louis.
First bad *** ever encountered on the field of battle: Scotty Flynn (Flint?) at a big game in Colorado.
First gun: Rapide with all accessories!
First pump: Sniper 2 or Kodiak, cant remember
Played for Total Greif, 98-04 Won Shattner ball pump game (gold plated gun baby!) 2000 WPF Music City open placed 1st. Played lots of tourneys, pump vs, semi/electro. Reffed 2001 Skyball with the team.
Best day of paintball: Winning the gold plated guns and getting my picture with Shattner. And any SPE I have been to.
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Adam Hodgson: Wolf pack(not affiliated with the hundred other teams called wolfpack...)
First tourney: Soldier gear open 5man
first gun: Tippmann A5
First pump-first pump Ive ever held/shot was a sniper with a vendetta kit a great guy lent me, my first pump owned was a phantom
favourite marker:Tie between my droid I just sold, and my orracle pump
woodsball teams: started on future weapons(name was not chosen) and changed names a bit, died, some players and their friends gathered to make our current team, wolf pack. was breifly on the A-team.
speedball teams: guested for the grunts for 1st tourney, guested on brighton blitz for 1 CX4 event

best day? My memory sucks, and I've had plenty of amazing days of paintball, so I cant think of one that stands out the most. I loved my first castle, last red neck game(medic/pumping was soo fun, plus Paxson liked my pump), my first day with my orracle, first time playing open class at next, last wasaga big game, and any day that I overcame my anxiety.
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