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Paintball Under Siege In Berlin

Paintball Under Siege In Berlin!!!!!!!!

My friend who is playing a tournament in an big indoor hall in Berlin today just called me. SWAT teams just stormed the paintball hall and right now over 100 paintballers are trapped inside. The police are checking all their guns and the ones that can be adjusted over 220fps (something ) will be taken and destroyed. Might even be some arrests!!!
What kind of country would do this to people who only are out to have fun. Not hurt anyone or do any damage.
The police should be focusing on catching drug dealers, killers and crazy mob people instead.
Germany = free country??? Donīt think so!!!
This whole thing has been filmed and will come up on you tube later on this thread.
Thanks for your time.
Maximus Lundqvist
Stockholm JOY

suorce Paintball Under Siege In Berlin - TechPB Forums
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If this is true it's too bad, but not surprising. This kind of stuff happens every day, to a lot of people. It doesn't matter if they're taking away your paintball guns, or your house to build a Wal-Mart, or your money and giving million dollar bonuses to failed bank executives. It's all the same dance, just a different tune. Those with power will always abuse the weak.
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Germany vs Paintball - the next chapter...
They were unable to stop the game through the Bundestag so they resort to bullying tactics.
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I don't see any chicken pot cakes out there...
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what was the reason they stormed the building?
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