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View Poll Results: Will SC play grow
Yes 45 56.96%
No 34 43.04%
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I think we can all agree that pump play is increasing in popularity, but do you think this will lead to a come back in stock class play?

Yes MAr I know, I Know "**** stock class"
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Stock class = 12grams and a stick feed. End discussion.

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Assuming the sport grows, then yeah, the raw numbers of SC will grow, but I think the proportion will remain small.
Originally Posted by TSSOC.Professor View Post
Oh no.
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pump class will not only grow but it will take back the game
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I'm thinking the sport will go the other direction.

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I don't think we'll see a resurgence in stock class. The 12 grams are just too annoying (IMO) and I prefer a constant feed of air. 10 ball tubes don't bother me as much but I think it'll stay at open class because of the hassle.

I think pump is coming back to increase the pace of games. Stock class may be seen as slowing it back down
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there may be a resurgence in pump overall, (im one of em, if anyone wants to hook me up with a cheap azodin or somethin, Im all ears ), but it will probably be of the open class kind. People comming over from say speedball and woods would probably be turned off by the notion of 10 rounds and 12ies, so they would stick to what they know. Airtank and hopper.
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Stock Class is for the Elite, any newbie can play with a hopper and tank.

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I can see it dropping to more pump play to speed things up, and maybe modified stock class, like a 3.5 oz tank and a stock feed, but 12ies can get **** expensive!
I play pistol, I know how annoying they can be....

but yeah, playing lighter and tighter is definitely the way of the future >
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This is ****ing awesome.
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I see open class being big, I have yet to play stock class but I enjoy having the full size hopper on there, it means I have less paint to clean off my lens.
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Originally Posted by cjottawa View Post
I voted yes but mostly out of hope, not expectation.

Stock class is like soccer.

"Who's winning?"
"Italy's up 6 to 2."
"Yeah...but WHO'S WINNING?"

A lot of people don't "get" soccer because it's less about score and more about how you play.

That's stock class, to me and it's unfortunately what will prevent it from catching on more.

LOL Whiteboard.
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