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let me see what I can do, there are several ways to join the ends or we can do rubber rings and stretch the band on and off... let me do a bit of research
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Okay watchbands seem to be pretty well known!

So now all we have to do is pic a weave, ring material(s), clasp type:

So weaves can be simple:

Please note photos all come from and are not mine or my work and are only used for weave example purposes.

European 4 in 1

David Austin Photo
European 6 in 1

Lorenzo Photo
Dragonscale (note I would run the scales in the direction of the band, ie 90 degrees from the supplied picture)

Antiquity Photo
Japanese 12 in 2

Criterion Picture

Legba3 photo
Trinity Mail

Lorenzo Picture

If you don't like any of those I can find others!

For materials I would suggest stainless steel and possible brass as an accent (if you want a two-toned band)

I can get the squared stainless seen in the last pic in some sizes so that is a pissibility as well.

Fo clasps, I can do a tube type clasp Or possibly get a leather watch band and incorporate that into the buckle, or I can use a mix of stainless and rubber and you can just stretch it over your hand.

I think the clasp is going to be the hardest part and will take a bit more research, so if you are still interested I can do some more digging
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interested, pm sent
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okay will be placing an order for scales today, if anyone else wants something nows the time to order to reduce wait times!

So order will be placed this evening please let me know by today, as it invariably ov=ccurs I get 1-2 orders just after I place my ring order
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Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner.
I'm digging the Euro 6 in 1, Dragonscale, Japanesse 12 in 1, and the Trintity. MY top 2 are the Trinity and the Euro 6 in 1.

I'm open to either the tube clasp or the Leather buckle type would be sharp. I'm not to keen on the stretchable idea personally. I like a snug sturdy fit. SS and Brass would be nice with the right watch face. Shoot me a Pm when you get pricing worked out. I'll try and check back in more often. Please don't take my absence as lack of interest. I'm always looking for things like this.
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My supplier now offers large annodized aluminum scales which now will bring down the cost of covers and will open the door to large tank covers.

Now to the eye candy:

Just so you can see the size difference:

The prices:

3.5 oz $35
13 ci $50

other tank sizes and projects will be quotes on.

Also the larger scales come in a variety of colors and material just as the smaller scales.
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Awesome cover, service and delivery! What more can I say?

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The one you did for jasse is very nice. Pm me with the price to do an 88/3000 in the same pattern. Black/red.
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Can you make a sheet that is like a neck protector? I saw a few people on a team with them and have wanted one.

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pm sent
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