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Man vs Tank
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Thanks for the update dude. Good luck with the Legal path.
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Small dogs are great.
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Small dogs are snacks
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Thanks for the update. I know it has got to suck taking the time to post when so many people are pissed at you. I'm out for 2 tanks but I'm not going after you via PayPal or requesting that you be blackballed because you’re working to make this right. I appreciate this and I know this is a long and painful process. Thank you for going after the thief. Is there something collectively we can do to help? Can we (all) file complaints with the BBB and help put this crook out of business?

Keep up the fight!
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So long as you keep up with communications you will hear no complaints from me.
Fight the good Fight.
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Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
*snip*IMHO the regs need to be sent out for those that ordered tanks with regs, so they at least have something *snip*
I agree with this. But if I recall a previous post, they have been returned to Ninja for a refund to help fund legal issues.

For the record, I have not filed a claim with paypal, and at this point see no point in doing so. I did not pay via CC so I cannot file a claim that way, and my bank says they cannot do anything.

So, I will wait and see if something else comes up.
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IMHO, a pre-order is a roll of the dice!

I do not have a dog in this fight, it appears that Tots is a stand up guy who got screwed over and is doing everything in his power to fix it.

If you are out $100, write it off and go on with life. The time you are wasting dwelling on it is not worth $100.

Tots, hoping this turns out well for you!
Originally posted by heinous: "sniper's gun always gets extra camera love"
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Cool, PM me for my paypal info and ill sell you my spot ..Its only 74.99 to have a dog to fight..

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Originally Posted by jincay View Post
That is the plan for a refund.
the front page asked for paypal, not credit card. if it really was the refund plan then they would have said up front to use paypal-linked credit cards. looks like i'll never get this tank.
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This project certainly has shown a flaw in the system.

If I would not have used a credit card I would be seeking my refund through the court system. Filing a small claim is very easy and not that expensive.
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Uh ... wow ... I just deceided to check in a see what was going on with the tanks ... wow.
and for the Paypal refund ... it's far too late to go that route for most of us anyway ... there is a time limit placed on that end of things (45 days) IIRC.

In all honesty I gave up on this back in may so if I do ever see a tank I'll consider it a bonus ... otherwise it's just a lesson learned.
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Local authorities in the jurisdiction of scuba distributors and catalina cylinders have been sent a letter from the Sebastian police department (Detective Acosta) regarding the investigation for grand theft and fraud. The detective has requested a follow up regarding this matter and pending outcome of their respective investigation.
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