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I stayed away from this and the AGD regulators on AO for one big reason...

TOT seemed like a good guy to play with or chat with, but he constantly popped up with "I NEED RENT MONEY" 2-day-only sales asking a $100 markup on all sorts of well used markers. These were on AO and PBN and Craigslist and Ebay all at once, and it seems like most of the gear never moved but was up for sale next month.

I didn't wanna hitch my wagon to one of his endeavors; nothing personal, just lack of faith. In the past I've scraped to pay monthly bills, for auto repair, etc, it doesn't make you a bad person. That said, if you see somebody do this for 6 month straight and then they ask you to preorder something... Well, common sense comes into play.

I really hope you guys all get your money and gear back.
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If you are going to rant and make accusations, make sure you know all the facts. First of all I did return the regulators, ate the shipping, ate the restocking fee, and sold tanks to pay a $1,000 retainer for a lawyer. After several letters and his lawyer countering, payment was made to his company and not him personally. Company is dissolved which leaves us with nothing. Catalina cylinders mandated that I order the tanks through their exclusive east coast distributor. The AGD logo'd Ninja SHP regs were ordered through a Ninja dealer right when Ninja launched the SHP reg so they did have a warranty. Do I accept some responsibility? Yes but not all. I didn't declare BK. The tank Dist. did. This was a group order. I don't make or sell tanks. I just did all the legwork and research. IIRC I started this thread months before Ninja even had a 35ci tank. I saw a need for a smaller tank and we, the MCB community was bringing it to market.

As for frizzle fry, get your facts straight. I have never sold anything in a thread and said need for rent! I sold many markers and pb items because I was a gun collector. My reputation before this debacle was spotless both here and on AO. My feedback speaks for itself.

Yes I fell on hard times. Sold my CCM marine camo J2 pump to survive. Yes I was unemployed for 2 months. Yes I slept on my sister in law's floor for 3 months because my wife, my 5 year old son, and I were homeless. I own a 2004 Chevy with 140k miles on it. So by no means am I living high on the hog. Got a new job and do better in life so now I can concentrate on this issue.

As for the people that think I made all this money (profit):

Tank cost...$54
Box to ship tanks...$4.80
Average shipping cost (USPS)...$9
PayPal fee from payments received...$2.47
Total cost per tank...$70.27

I just asked $74.95 per tank. What to do to next? If you are willing to accept it, I am willing to pay $50 to those who paid for a tank/reg and $38 to those who paid for a tank. Some months I may be able to pay 1 person, other months be able to pay 3. I'm in sales so it will depend on my commissions I make.
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To me this is a stand up player and seller who is trying by any means possible to make a bad situation correct. Shadow has been working with lawyers, authorities, and business owner who went bankrupt. Usually when someone goes bankrupt in the business world all consumers lose out on debt. Instead of everyone getting hit Shadow lost money himself to try to make right. Catalina made Shadow go thru this dealer to get this deal done and they lost money to this guy as well. Please believe Shadow is doing everything in his power to make right like his track record states. On another note not sure why someone stated regs were not warrantied as Ninja will help in anyway with a reg not working and if you have one with an issue PM a message and I will help to resolve.
David "Taz" Joseph
Team On Target Scenario Paintball Team
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Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
As far as i know everything else has been on the up and up with him, although the ADG logo'ed Ninja Regs were made from a discontinued model Reg with no parts available and no warrenty from Ninja since they were sold to a non dealer..
Yes Shadow never ran into an issue such as this and never had an issue with any deals before.

Not sure what you mean about the regs as the parts are available and they stand behind a warranty.
David "Taz" Joseph
Team On Target Scenario Paintball Team
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Hey TOT Taz

Respectfully removed my comment...

Last edited by FGK$; 04-12-2013 at 11:32 PM.
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$50 paid to Thumper...

Last edited by TOTShadow; 04-12-2013 at 11:35 PM.
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I'll gladly accept $50
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Send a message via AIM to vf-xx

I will accept $50 as well.
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ToT It's a step in the right direction.. ~Thanks.
keep us updated on a regular basis and we won't start any fires.
1st things first sort out those on the list that forced a refund through paypal.. mark them off or remove them from the list.
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Originally Posted by TOTShadow View Post
$50 paid to Thumper...
got it. thanks.
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