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Scrapping parts! Buy now!



Tomorrow I am going to start going through the warehouse and scrapping as many old parts as I can. I am going to start an area getting our stuff ready. Once it is ready it is going to the scrap metal yard. So if you want anything you better speak up. We will no longer build certain parts and I am not going to have them sitting in my warehouse any longer either.

I will take pics along the way and if you want it you better take it now. I will give 2 days from the time I post, then it is out of here!!

Everything is as is, no refunds, no whining.

I still will need to add shipping

Here is the start:

Didn't get a pic but I have stock M98 and A5 barrels $5.00

automag and RT mini and a couple full size foregrips in dust black $10.00

VMX body kit, will have powerfeed, backdoor, brass side plug and trigger guard with extra body no extra powerfeed, backdoor, brass plug or trigger guard $20 or for $35 you can get the extra powerfeed backdoor, brass plug, and trigger guard.

The VMX body kit may not be 100% compatible with all VM69/PMI3 internals as there were multiple changes made over several years of production of these guns. We have found that the use of a siphon tank is optimal under most conditions for virtually all Vm68/PMI3 internals.

Because the VMX is shorter than the standard gun it requires that the frame rail be cut down to fit. We do have a limited number of shortened trigger frame rails available for $10.00 each. We also have a limited number of new complete trigger rail assemblies available in both shortened and full length with all internal components for $50.00 (These are not on our scrap list and if they don't sell will go back to the regular price, big savings now just check the website) You will also need an Armson ball detent for $7.00 if you don't have one.

Other than that you can swap your internals for a working gun. We also have a limited number of our Pro Shot Kits which will require an Automag bolt spring for $15.00.

Stock Spyder imagine barrels $3.00, right rails $3.00, bolts $3.00, and bottomlines w/hose and foregrip $5.00

Automag foregrips and in my hand is the last 3 gas thrus $7.00

Stock M98 and A5 bottom lines w/hose and CA reducer $5.00

VM trigger guards $3.00

The top half of the pic is RT foregrips the bottom half of the pic is RT gas thrus $7.00

VM barrel nuts $3.00

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How about a working VMX body? LOL

I bought one and it was the one that was miss milled.

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VM magic fingers?

slider frames? maybe cocker goods?
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PM sent
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Willing to be a 3rd party for shipments to Canada anywhere in the world just PM me.
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^^VM68 Detents^^

Any other VM68 parts for that matter
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I have 200 +/- VMX bodies that I am scrapping. We have no idea which are good or not. There are some that some of the tolerances are off. I will sell you a bunch so cheap and pull from different boxes that one has to be good either way you wouldn't feel cheated.

I will be hanging on to fingers and small parts. I am scrapping all metal for $$ and space.
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any cocker bodies?

i had an old blue PTP pumped cocker and it was soo sweet

i'd love to find another! (color doesnt matter!)
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Originally Posted by tracy_ptp View Post
I have 200 +/- VMX bodies that I am scrapping.
Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
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We have 30 original Bud Orr Cocker bodies, but we are making them into something special for 30 people who buy them.
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