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"HAMMER 7IME" Shirts! (for the Kingman Hammer 7)


1/4/12 Update:
Ordering is now CLOSED. PAYMENT INFO HAS BEEN SENT. Once you've paid I'll mark it in the thread.

I'm doing a run of HAMMER 7IME shirts with the blessing of Kingman's lmartin. These will be silk-screened on Anvil (or similar) t-shirts for a high quality and durable product; I used the same printer for my run of SuperDeeDuperGame 1 shirts and they still look great after countless washes.

White on Black or Black on Olive Drab, sizes S-4XL

Finalized designs:

Pricing (I'm running these as close to cost as possible):
- $13 shipped US, $12 for any additional shirts
- $14 shipped Canada, $13 for any additional shirts

Order Process:
The interest thread will run until January 4, 2013 and we need a minimum of 24 shirts to get the screen cut. If we have enough when the 1st rolls around I'll place the order with the printer, at which point I'll begin collecting payment through PayPal. Finished shirts should be in the mail around the second week of February.

To order, post in this thread what color(s) and size(s) you want and I'll add you to the list in the next post.

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Join Date: Dec 2010
Location: The Front Range, CO

Brass N Wood Fan

Shipped orders in GREEN.

(note that there might be a day or so between me marking an order as "shipped" and it getting dropped off at the PO)

The List:
1. matteekay (Olive, 2XL)
2. matteekay (Black, 2XL)

3. Bartman (Olive, 4XL)
4. Jebus (Olive, 2XL)
5. Jebus (Black, 2XL)

6. danssoslow (Olive, XL)
7. danssoslow (Black, XL)

8. Valafar (Olive, L)
9. Chappy (Olive, XL)

10. RAZRBAKK (Olive, 2XL)
11. dundadun (Black, L)

12. Festa (Olive, XL)
13. tony montana 2 (Olive, 3XL)
14. Donut SD (Black, L)
15. Donut SD (Olive, L)

16. Lohman446 (Black, XL)
17. Lohman446 (Olive, XL)

18. butters89 (Black, XL)
19. butters89 (Black, XL)

20. crandall (Black, 2XL)
21. crandall (Olive, 2XL)

22. tymcneer (Black, 4XL)
23. tymcneer (Black, 4XL)
24. tymcneer (Olive, 4XL)

25. Z3ro (Black, L)
26. Skibbo (Black, M)
27. splatmaster12 (Olive, L)
28. Salmon (Olive, M)
29. Malafanango (Black, 4XL)
30. Malafanango (Olive, 4XL)

31. moving_target (Black, XL)
32. spd3 (Black, L)
33. goober (Olive, 2XL)
34. Hooligan (Black, XL)
35. Hooligan (Olive, XL)

36. Jebus Round 2 (Black, M)
37. capitalpaintball (Black, M)
38. capitalpaintball (Black, XL)
39. capitalpaintball (Olive, L)
40. capitalpaintball (Olive, XL)

41. Nugg014 (Black, 3XL)
42. Nugg014 (Olive, 3XL)

43. Apoc_101 (Black, M)

44. Outlaw Torn (Olive, 2XL)
45. punisher068 (Olive, L)
46. p8ntninja (Olive, 2XL)
47. 240SX (Black, 2XL)
48. 240SX (Olive, 2XL)

49. Juoshwa (Olive, M)
50. lmartin & co. (Black, 3XL)
51 - 54. lmartin & co. ((4) Black, XL)
55 - 57. lmartin & co. ((3) Olive, XL)
58 - 59. lmartin & co. ((2) Black, M)
60 - 61. lmartin & co. ((2) Olive, M)
62 - 63. lmartin & co. ((2) Olive, L)

64. nomnomnom (Olive, 2XL)
65. nomnomnom (Black, 2XL)

66. monty (Black, XL)
67. monty (Olive, XL)

68. FredX4 (Olive, XL)
69. FredX4 (Olive, XL)

70. nerdcore (Olive, XL)
71. ta2maki (Olive, 2XL)
72. ta2maki (Black, 2XL)

73. Acidpaintball (Olive, XL)
74. zaphod (Olive, 3XL)
75. zaphod (Olive, 2XL)
76. zaphod (Olive, L)
77. zaphod (Black, L)

78. TooningSpork (Olive, 4XL)
79. Fowla87 (Olive, 2XL)
80. Deuce (Olive, XL)
81. paintman161 (Olive, XL)
82. wolfen4054 (Black, XL)
83. wolfen4054 (Olive, XL)

84. woouulf (Olive, XL)
85. Blackmane (Black, M)
86. Cruickid (Black, XL)
87. Cruickid (Olive, XL)


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put me down for a 3xl olive please

Those look pretty nice

The devils Brigade
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Ridin' The ShortBus
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2XL one of each please!!
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I'm in for one of each color, XL.
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Droppin Da Hammah
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I'm in for an olive one. Size large please.
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Olive, XL please

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Olive 2XL, please.
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Boom. Yummy
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Black Large please.
Had to consult the wife, me buying paintball clothes merges with her buying pajamas.
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I'll take an Olive XL
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